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10 Important Things To Train a Domestic Helper

Domestic Helper

Domestic Helper


Many mothers find that they cannot focus at work when their hearts are with their babies who is cared by their domestic helper.  Here are the 10 most important things to teach the domestic helpers in caring for a baby, this will put mommies at peace and help them to focus at work.

1. Safety

While doing house chores, ensure the baby is in a safe surrounding. Eyes is always kept on the baby and cannot left alone even for a brief moment of a few minutes, unless baby is in a safe space like in a playpen that does not have any sharp toys.

2. Hygiene

It is important that the baby is always cleaned and diapers are always changed to prevent the nasty nappy rash or Urinary Tract Infection (UTI for baby girls). As a care giver, one would also have to be clean and maintain a good sense of hygiene.

Example: one do not carry the baby after cooking a meal. Change into a fresh set attire, before carrying a baby (if one is unable to take a shower).

3. Time

Time management is important. One should know how to prioritise work and work around the baby’s schedule.

Take note of the time of the baby’s last feed and the amount consumed. Keep a notebook and pen it down as it is important to know how much the baby consumes a day.

4. Take and Follow Instructions

Take the employer’s instructions as they are the parents and they know what works best for their child. Do not do things behind their backs.

Example: babies younger than six months old, employers may want to breastfeed exclusively, one of the instructions is not to feed water, hence follow instructions.

5. Honesty

Being the caregiver, employer’s trust has to be earned.  Be ready to admit one’s mistakes especially when it comes to the well being of the baby.

Example: If the baby had a fall or accidentally knocked his /her head, one must tell the truth so that employer will know what actions to take.

6. Be Gentle and be Extra Careful

Newborn babies are very fragile. Be mindful while picking them up, placing them down, during bath times, feeding or carrying them to give ample support especially at the neck area.

7. Conscientious and Stay Alert

Handling the baby daily, a domestic helper has to be alert if baby has a change In diaper outputs, body temperature or behaviour.  Be conscientious when comes to anything related the baby like giving medication, milk and food. Remember any allergies if there are any.

8. Responsibility

Being responsible means one has to finish the chores and still take good care of the baby.

Example: if the baby is sick, a domestic helper must not mind the extra work because taking care of the baby is the job scope.

9. Patience

Babies may cry for no apparent reason at times and keep you up at night but you have to be patient and just continue to gently carry baby and rock him/her to sleep or amuse the baby with a song or little activity. Do not lose your cool and vent it out on the baby. Always remember that the baby does not know you are tired or neither is he/her doing this on purpose to get on your nerves.

10. Love

A domestic helper must have love for the baby. It would make one more tolerant and it would be easier to overcome any hardships faced when taking care of the baby.

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