Alt. Pizza at Suntec City Brings An Alternative Spin to Gourmet Pizza


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Pizza joints may be a dime a dozen, but to find one that’s both affordable and good?  That’s the catch. Needless to say, when we found one whose delicious pizzas don’t tug at purse strings (and centrally located, no less), that’s half the battle won. Dish out quick and helpful service to match, and it’s a done deal.

Baby Spinach Salad, $10
Baby Spinach Salad, $10

New pizza bar Alt.—short for ‘Alternative’—has caused quite a stir with its affordable artisanal pizza by co-owner Chef Matthew White, formerly of Neapolitan pizzeria Extra Virgin Pizza by Lo & Behold Group. A dozen 11-inch thin-crust signature pizzas line the menu, with a special design-it-yourself (DIY) section that offers absolute freedom in pizza customization (from $8)—from toppings right down to the sauce.

On our DIY pizza, we opted for shaved prosciutto ($5), roasted squash ($2), cherry tomatoes ($2) and crunchy toasted pine nuts ($2) on a bed of mouthwatering roasted garlic pesto, topped with manchego ($3) and mozzarella ($2) cheese that melts beautifully for added taste and texture.

Crabby Ninja, $16
Crabby Ninja, $16

Despite its lack of preservatives, we’re pleasantly surprised at how well the pizza holds up, having been out in the ‘cold’ for over an hour. Chef White explains that this is due to a special blend of organic flours from France, Italy and Belgium that ensures the right protein content.

While pizzas are its prized possession, its range of easy-drinking Californian craft beers by Lost Coast ($10) and Modern Times ($12) deserve a nod—a significant other in the marriage of thin-crust pizza.

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Alt. Pizza is at #01-602 Suntec City Tower 4, 6836-9207. 
For dinner reservations of more than 8 people, please call +6836 9207. 
Open daily 11am-10pm.
For more information, please visit

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