Why The Rakuten Kobo Forma Is The Best eReader to Ever Exist in 2020

Move aside, Kindle. Here’s why the Rakuten Kobo Forma is the most superior eReader for fellow Singaporean bookworms. Remember the simpler times before Facebook notifications, YouTube auto-play videos, and Instagram ads? Aside from traditional entertainment like TV and radio, you already know the drill. We buried our heads deep into books and the literature – […]

Review: Arbora Hilltop Garden & Bistro at Mount Faber


Spending Quality Family Time At Arbora Hilltop Garden & Bistro One Faber Group’s Arbora Hilltop Garden & Bistro’s revamped to a refreshed family-friendly menu selection, perfect for us and our littles one to eat to our hearts’ content! Located at Faber Peak, one of the leading hilltop destinations in Singapore, Arbora now offers a hilltop […]

Syohachi Wagyu Hamburg Launches With Affordable Premium Wagyu Beef Hamburgs


Calling all meat lovers and fans of Japanese wagyu beef! This new place in town is sure to satisfy your cravings for beef — and not just any beef, but the coveted Japanese A5 wagyu. Farm-to-table restaurant Syohachi Wagyu Hamburg has arrived in Singapore, bringing with them premium cuts of A5 wagyu fresh from Japan […]

Artisan Review: PicoSure Laser Treatment

SURE OR NOT? Wondering if the PicoSure Laser Treatment is effective for that glass skin effect that is all the trend these days? Wonder no more! We are beyond thrilled to share with you our experience with this pico laser treatment. Reader, read on! Recently I was offered the opportunity to experience the PicoSure Laser […]

Pocket-Friendly Hair Care at Yoon Salon

Yoon Korean Hair Salon

Stuck in a gnarly rut of unkempt hair during quarantine? You’re not alone. Since the circuit breaker measures eased, Singaporeans flocked to salons near them for a quick haircut. Even as phase 3 awaits while we work from home, this article could not have been more timely as we connected with Yoon Salon for a […]

Artisan Review: Tempsure Envi for AGEING BACKWARDS


As if these pandemic times aren’t challenging enough: Waking up every day to the visible signs of ageing can add to that depressing, defeated gloom. This is the time to do something about it. I don’t think there’s anything more defeating than waking up every morning to see a stranger in the mirror. Who is […]

Breastfeeding, How to Boost Breast Milk!


New mothers often stress about many things and BREASTFEEDING is one of them. Every new mother will always strive to do her best for her bub when it comes breastfeeding. The breastfeeding stress about not lactating can affect our role as a mother to feed our bubba! I could still remember the breast milk didn’t […]

The Clifford Clinic: Bellasonic Review


Busy mamas can be hot mamas too! As time-starved busy working moms, we usually use our lunch breaks to run errands and that includes our aesthetic skin treatments. Over at Singapore’s celebrity clinic, The Clifford Clinic, treatment regimes are designed to be done within the hour and allows us to get back into our daily […]

CANVAS Rose Otto Facial Hydro Gel Mask


To combat Singapore’s hot and humid weather, most of us are guilty of over washing our faces. For fears of clogged pores and dead skin cell build up we cleanse and strip our skin of its natural oils and damage its barriers. Doing so can actually harm the protective layers of our skin and weaken […]