5 Reasons You Should Own the Latest Honor 10 AI Smartphone


We don’t think The Honor 10 requires much introduction.


Since its official release just 3 days ago (21 May), the Honor 10 has generated so much buzz in the local smartphone market. Some may even argue the launch of Honor 10 as a party-crasher of the mid-range smartphone competition. Here are just some reasons to justify its hype – and even more so why you should get it.

1- Unparalleled Price Point

For 128GB, The Honor 10 impresses the market with an unrivalled price point. Retailing at only S$579.00, Honor 10 clearly top the charts as the leading smartphone e-brand under Chinese powerhouse, Huawei. Honor sure does know how to make an entrance, being one of the later smartphone brands to expand into the global markets.

Some background market research: In London, the Honor 10 retails at £399, which is approximately about S$720. In Europe, the Honor 10 retails at €499, which is approximately about S$785. It is no wonder why this latest model could create so much buzz – it’s even cheaper to purchase it in Singapore.


2- First AI Smartphone in History of Honor

The price point is not the only USP of this value-for-money device. Honor followers would know that this is the first AI series to be released in the market compared to its past models, like Honor View10 and Honor 9 (Lite). It’s AI 2.0 technology gears up its camera dual-lens functionality, hosting a 24MP front camera + 16MP rear camera. Honor 10 also introduces industry’s first Semantic Image Segmentation technology, allowing for multiple objects identification in one single image.

3- Locked Screen Gaming

This is probably the most underrated plus point of the Honor 10. All mamas undergo the same problem of having your little ones toy with your phone – and oops! Email sent. Message deleted. Avoid risking crisis management with the locked screen gaming feature. The 5.84-inch bezel-less FullView FHD+ screen display is sure to keep your little ones occupied for a long time.

  1. Redefining the Colour Trend in 2018

Functionalities aside, Honor 10 redefines the colour trend. Honor 10 series is available in 4 unique colours – Phantom Blue, Phantom Green, Midnight Black, and Glacier Grey. The 15 different nano-membrane layers of aurora optical coating makes the colour appear multi-dimensional.

As trivial as it may seem, it does give you that little perk-me-up looking at the back glass at different angles. The back glass design actually takes almost the same amount of time as to make the rest of the phone components.


5- Honor is for the Brave

Honor brand is a dark horse in the market among the other smartphone giants, considering that it’s a young brand moving at such an incredible place. They received a 200% growth in the UK, Italy and Spain. Honor identifies its brand as a lifestyle for the young, innovative and trendsetting – Honor is for the brave.

Honor 10 is now available at $S579 for purchase at major online platforms as well as key Honor retail stores, including selected Challenger outlets.

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