one of the 2020 trending products called a touchless faucet

5 Trends and Trending Products Set to Reshape Consumers’ Lifestyles in 2021

As we learned to cope with the setbacks and challenges presented by the previous year, we obviously made several changes in our lives — from our daily habits, to the new trending products we used, up to the design of our living and workspaces, we eventually found a way to make things work. This could […]

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collage of the best netflix shows for 2020 in Singapore

What Singapore Watched on Netflix in 2020 — The Year of Many Moods

We welcomed 2020 still swooning over Yoon Se-ri crash landing on Captain Ri, but it was just the beginning of a roller-coaster ride. This year, more than ever, what we watched has been a barometer of the full spectrum of moods and emotions we’ve experienced – from 😳 to 🙃, a solid amount of 😬, […]

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Why The Rakuten Kobo Forma Is The Best eReader to Ever Exist in 2020

Move aside, Kindle. Here’s why the Rakuten Kobo Forma is the most superior eReader for fellow Singaporean bookworms. Remember the simpler times before Facebook notifications, YouTube auto-play videos, and Instagram ads? Aside from traditional entertainment like TV and radio, you already know the drill. We buried our heads deep into books and the literature – […]

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Repton Schoolhouse Singapore

UK BASED REPTON OPENS IN SINGAPORE Repton Schoolhouse offers a premium preschool programme in Singapore. Unlike any international schools in Singapore, Repton from the UK offers a truly English-Chinese bilingual environment that nurtures the children’s development and lays the foundation of character. Repton brings over 460 years of rich heritage, culture and excellence in education. […]

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W EYExperience: Giving You Insight Into How Your Eyes Are Doing

Glasses. A common sight on most Singaporeans eyes. Not a surprise, given that 65 percent of Primary 6 children and 28% of children in Primary 1 have myopia, according to the Health Promotion Board. Perhaps that is why optical shops are aplenty here on our sunny island. So which one should you go to if you […]

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Theatre Performances For Babies: ACT3i Festival for Children 2018

Looking for theatre performances that purposefully engage your babies and toddlers? Look no further than the ACT3i Festival for Children 2018 It is a fact: Children are far more creative and imaginative than adults. Rather than being confined to the inculcated expectations of reality, the pure thoughts of children allow them to be infinitely imaginative […]

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