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Repton Schoolhouse Singapore



Repton Schoolhouse offers a premium preschool programme in Singapore. Unlike any international schools in Singapore, Repton from the UK offers a truly English-Chinese bilingual environment that nurtures the children’s development and lays the foundation of character. Repton brings over 460 years of rich heritage, culture and excellence in education.

A unique curriculum combining the best of the British and Singaporean education programs and traditions. How can our children benefit?

Reptonians are known to be high academic achievers and are proud of their well-rounded education. Many of them have carried on the soft skills and positive attitudes learnt during their Repton education to excel in their chosen careers.


Some of the key differences of the Repton Schoolhouse Singapore programme are:

  • a rich, stimulating and nurturing environment for each child to develop their maximum potential and discover their best character.
  • a high teacher to student ratio, 1:6. Two fully qualified teachers for each group of 24 children with 2 teaching assistants.
  • strong emphasis on collaboration with parents to develop their children through frequent communications, homework-with-parents and feedback sessions. This will appeal to the new age parents, the “Loving Lions” (no more tiger mums), who think parental involvement or participation in their children learning in school and rapport with teachers are of paramount importance. The Learning Partnership at Repton Schoolhouse has teachers working closely with parents to achieve this.
  • development of a growth-mindset giving the children positive attitudes towards life and learning and a belief in their abilities
  • children are encouraged to inquire, ask questions and talk freely assuring the children that their views and opinions are valued. This achieves two of desired outcomes of the Singapore curriculum: Inquisitive mind and self-confidence.
  • opportunities for self-directed learning empowers children to make their own decisions and develop responsibility.an equal focus on developing the child’s character, soft skills and positive attitudes as well as the pursuit of academic excellence.
  • state of the art technology is used to provide the IT-savvy Singaporean family and kids with engaging and visionary learning experiences that spur creativity, critical thinking, innovation and invention.
  • 1 well-rounded curriculum that incorporates environmental care, outdoor adventure and develops an appreciation for the Arts through the curriculum and theatre shows, musical performances and dance performances.


Repton Schoolhouse has aligned the curriculum with the MOE’s Desired Outcomes of Early Childhood Education which are:

  • A confident person who communicates effectively.
  • A self-directed learner who takes responsibility for his own pursuit of learning.
  • An active contributor who is able to work effectively in teams.
  • A concerned citizen who is rooted in Singapore has a strong civic consciousness and likes to make the lives of others around him better.


A balanced, confident, caring and an emotionally intelligent young child will be fully prepared for success in primary school in Singapore. Repton Schoolhouse may be a good option for both expatriates and locals who like a British style education with a local context; combining best of both worlds for the child’s critical growing stage – early childhood.

Please visit Repton website for more information.

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