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Artisan Review: Tempsure Envi for AGEING BACKWARDS


As if these pandemic times aren’t challenging enough: Waking up every day to the visible signs of ageing can add to that depressing, defeated gloom. This is the time to do something about it.

I don’t think there’s anything more defeating than waking up every morning to see a stranger in the mirror. Who is that grey, saggy bear staring back at me? Is it the ghastly bathroom lighting? Is it the harsh tropical morning? Is it waking up to another day of sad Covid-19 statistics and the reality of working from home? And although this is 2020, unfortunately they haven’t developed flattering Zoom filters that you can apply to your face in real life.

Good for you if you have gazillion followers and virtual colleagues who only know you by your entirely Photoshop-ed and made-up face. But unless you are the Phantom of the Opera, you will need to unmask yourself ever so often and (God forbid) reveal yourself to REAL people. Before you sally forth and scare innocent bystanders, do consider your options carefully.

Unfortunately, unbidden wrinkles, lines, and loose skin that make you look like a melting candle, are the perverse symptoms of growing older, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept them. No one (least of all me!) really wants to look their age, let alone older than how you really feel inside. And there’s only so much that lashings of serum can do. I heard of Tempsure, said to be an effective treatment for eradicating signs of ageing, and through word of mouth found Dr Isaac Wong (previously known as Dr Israr Wong) at The Artisan Wellness, who provides this treatment. Needless to say, a consultation speedily followed and this is how I started on the path to rejuvenation and uplift.

What Is Tempsure?

In ancient history, a brave race of dinosaurs turned to surgical facelifts to address the problem of scaly jowls; Fast forward to recent times, and quite startling innovations in cosmetic medicine have led to a wide array of skin tightening treatments, of which the very latest is Tempsure. You don’t have to accept the ravages of old-timer technology: bodily risks are obviously involved in invasive/surgical procedures. Wise and pain-sensitive people would avoid surgery (not to mention general anesthesia!) at all costs; they would choose a groundbreaking facelift procedure that requires no cuts, incisions, or injections – which essentially is what Tempsure is.

How does Tempsure work?

At the consultation, I learn that collagen and elastin, produced naturally by your body, are the proteins that provide your skin’s structure and elasticity. As you age, your body naturally slows its production of these proteins, which leads to the familiar sagging, wrinkles and troughs.

Tempsure is a machine (which looks like something out of Star Wars!) uses radio frequency energy to penetrate the layers of the skin and reach the deepest thermal layer, the one responsible for skin renewal. Apparently these blasts of energy “tricks” your body into believing that the skin has been damaged, triggering a reaction that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

As new collagen and elastin are created, they reintroduce the younger structure and elasticity to your skin, reducing wrinkles and tightening that loose skin. This is how Temsure restores, rejuvenates, and revitalizes your appearance – basically your skin is ageing backwards. Thanks to The Artisan Wellness and Doctor Isaac Wong, the doctor who decided to put the TempSure machine at the medispa – making it them the only ones in Singapore and Malaysia to offer this facelifting treatment.

The Tempsure Experience – Facelift without Pain and Needles


If you’ve ever had any cosmetic procedure done, you probably already know the drill like a recurring nightmare. Firstly, it must be noted that the Artisan Wellness, on the 14th floor of the Paragon Medical Centre, is sleekly renovated and spacious, and this is where you go for TempSure and all the other non-invasive procedures. You fill up your personal and medical details on an Ipad thing, and then you also sign a consent form. And then (horror!) clinical ‘before’ photos have to be taken – you must not look at the photos because they will not be kind.

All this fumble can take a good long while, so resist the instinct to bolt. After what seemed like an age, I was escorted to the treatment room by a kindly senior therapist whose manner was so gentle, patient and reassuring that I felt quite at ease. As I lay down on a pristine bed, her chatter about her long experience in “this line” and how many Tempsure treatments she administers daily makes me feel I’m in safe hands (literally). If you don’t like wearing sundry hairbands you should bring your personal one, and put it on at this moment. As Tempsure is switched on and therapist begins fiddling with the dials and knobs, do tell her how sensitive you are to pain because no numbing cream is offered. Instead a cool gel is slathered on the treatment areas and then the handpiece applied with some pressure in straightening strokes, a bit like pressing out a linen shirt. It feels very warm, and even hot, on some areas of your face and isn’t truly painless for me as advertised: There were definitely “squeak” moments when the hand piece was trained on my jaw and brow. But it’s worth those momentary shocks because you see some results right away. The jaw is firmer at once, the nasolabial lines less obvious, and the eyelids less droopy. I put the hand mirror away and was promised optimal results over the next three weeks. My skin will become smoother, tighter, and more vibrant. And then I was done! I was sent off with instructions to avoid the sun, and drink plenty of water, and religiously apply the little tub of “recovery cream” which the clinic provided.

TempSure, the facelift treatment of the year!


Tempsure is often marketed as a lunch-break treatment; Apparently it has no down-time – IMHO this isn’t strictly true. Yes, I did stagger around the supermarket and did some errands right after but I was conscious that I had my face was glowing red, as if I was drunk. This redness subsided in a day, but it was there. The residual feeling of heat under the skin also remained throughout the night and was vaguely uncomfortable, and reminded me of a time out at sea when I had forgotten the time and was badly sunburnt.

The treatment itself too only about 20 minutes tops, but you need to budget the time for all the protocol of treatment. Any way, it’s silly this cliché of dropping in on your lunch hour and heading right back to work after. Who wants to live like this?

On the plus, Tempsure really is noninvasive (your skin is never pierced or broken), and there is very little pain. Recovery is swift, as on the following day, redness had subsided and instead a glow. I felt that there was a marked improvement after just a that one single Tempsure procedure and the therapist had said results could last for up to a year. The Artisan Wellness however may recommend that you return for a series of treatments to see optimal results.

Three weeks later, and I am pleased to note that Tempsure did deliver on its skin-tightening promise. I don’t look strange; Instead I look like the me of three years ago. I look more awake as my eyelids aren’t quite as heavy as before and I actually look slimmer as the jaw is less slack and the cheeks look quite firm. I have aged backwards.

If you are looking to do address your skin concerns which are similar to mine, you can contact The Artisan Wellness to request for a consultation with Doctor Isaac Wong.

For more information please visit:

The Artisan Wellness website | Instagram | Facebook

Tel: +65 9818 7887 | Address: 290 Orchard Rd, #14-09 Paragon Medical Centre, Singapore 238859.

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