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Artisan Review: PicoSure Laser Treatment


Wondering if the PicoSure Laser Treatment is effective for that glass skin effect that is all the trend these days? Wonder no more! We are beyond thrilled to share with you our experience with this pico laser treatment. Reader, read on!

Recently I was offered the opportunity to experience the PicoSure Laser Treatment by The Artisan Clinic at the Paragon Medical Centre. Having accumulated decades of sun damage to my face, (after a long era of spending every vacation lying in the sun of all the flawless beaches around the world – who knew the dangers of sun exposure in their youth? I ask you), plus sundry dark dull spots, and patchiness, just from general ageing (truly heinous), I was more than eager to give this new laser skin rejuvenation treatment a shot (or a zaps, as the case transpires to be).

Confession: I am no newbie when it comes to these lasers treatments. Over the last decade, I have invested thousands of dollars in laser pigmentation reduction and general skin firming and smoothing with varying results. Some have worked miraculously, some hardly made a dent (except on the purse!), but overall, lasers have been more effective than creams and cosmetics, making my skin clear, even and toned. Do people still use cosmetics? I suppose they must.


PicoSure laser is a ‘do-it-all’ rejuvenation treatment good for skin rejuvenation, scar reduction and collagen and elastin boosting to tattoo removal, this wonder laser covers the waterfront and more.

After meeting the curvy and brisk Dr. Hoe Ying Min, whose youthful, peachy cheeks are certainly enviable, I filled out a detailed questionnaire about my health and needs, in a closet of a consultation room, I was ushered into a medical recliner and told what to expect during treatment: sensations of intense heat and slight to moderate discomfort (they did take note of my fear of pain) audible sounds as the laser pulverises the unwanted pigmentation in my skin (begone, horrid brown patches!). And just so you understand exactly what lasers do, they breakdown or ‘explode’ melanin which over the course of the ensuing weeks, is harmlessly absorbed by the body’s lymphatic system and expelled – thus resulting in the significant fading of disfiguring pigmentation. I can’t wait, but do: a thick layer of numbing cream is plastered over my face and then I’m shrink wrapped in in the manner of a chicken cutlet marinating.

Thirty minutes pass. Dr. Hoe reemerges; Did she nip out to bolt her lunch? (It was lunch time) But she enters, bristling with energy and started talking about her Chanel handbags collection – in vain effort to distract me from my anxiety. As it is a laser treatment, I had to wear those tiny dark goggles which I have always thought inadequate for my eyes but are actually, and the doctor wears her super large ones, wielding the PicoSure laser hand-piece in the manner of a welder getting ready to work on a creaky boat…

The sensation of the PicoSure laser itself was intense: I felt like I was pelted by fine grains of sand. As the beams blast targeted problem areas of my face, there were waves of stings and snaps against the pigmented areas. There was also heat: Burning sensation which is thankfully mitigated by the numbing cream. But three passes and it was all over. Pain factor: I found this laser treatment quite uncomfortable, but bearable – I’ve certainly had worse.

The entire procedure took around 30 minutes and the number of sessions required will be determined by your specific issues and the doctor’s advice.


Dazed and confused, the immediate post treatment response to the PicoSure laser was alarming to say the least. My face was extremely red all over despite being given a sheet mask to wear for 30 minutes; I felt a strong sensation of heat, not unlike the feeling of sunburn. The redness took more than a day before it faded, but this, I’m told varies from individual to individual. I do have sensitive skin, and for me I wouldn’t say down time is a thing of the past – I certainly wouldn’t schedule a meeting looking like I’d had a go at an alcohol buffet. On the targeted spots you could immediately see visible scabbing, which looked like you had been stung by insects, and for days after I had to resist the urge to scratch them: I was assured that this meant that the area would have a very good result. No pain, no gain.

I was advised that I had to wear sunscreen religiously to maintain results in the long term, and I was to eschew all retinol cosmetics, or harsh cleansing products for the first week, advice that I took seriously.


In two days, my skin started to feel firm.

Skin tightening is an instant improvement as collagen and elastin levels are boosted and this effect can last up to six months. The improved look of my fine lines made me feel three years younger instantly. I felt like a sandblasted version of my old self.

Honestly speaking, the dark spots on my cheekbones did fade a bit, but not as much as I had anticipated – but then I had two more sessions to go. Also, each PicoSure laser treatment takes from three weeks before the optimal improvements show. Nevertheless, my skin has not looked this smooth in years – so I think all the stress, itching and scabbing was worth it after all. My pores appear smaller, my skin feels firmer and the pigmentation is faded (but not gone completely).

I am satisfied with the improvements. Younger looking skin improves your image and confidence so much and it should be something high up on your list of things to do to improve your wellbeing. If you’re bogged down by your skin concerns, such as lack of elasticity, acne scars, wrinkles or pigmentation, you shouldn’t wait to get a consultation immediately.


For more information on The Artisan Clinic’s treatment, please visit artisanclinic.sg/ or call +65 8879 7887 (24hr) to make an appointment. Address – 290 Orchard Rd, #07-01 The Paragon, Singapore 238859.

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Katherine Sng

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