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Pocket-Friendly Hair Care at Yoon Salon

Yoon Korean Hair Salon

Stuck in a gnarly rut of unkempt hair during quarantine? You’re not alone. Since the circuit breaker measures eased, Singaporeans flocked to salons near them for a quick haircut. Even as phase 3 awaits while we work from home, this article could not have been more timely as we connected with Yoon Salon for a quick makeover.

Upon hearing many positive recommendations and finding out more about the leading salon in Singapore, we’re stoked to do a review! Owning 3 outlets in Singapore, we popped by their branch at Havelock II for a visit. 

YOON is a leading salon in Singapore with a team of sought after stylists highly skilled at perfectly styling a fresh new haircut and providing a satisfying treatment customised to each individual’s hair and scalp needs.

Having a good set of hair is so important for confidence. Look good and feel better! I was stoked as soon as I entered the branch at Havelock II. Conveniently located in the heart of Chinatown, YOON was situated right next to the highly-raved bakery BUNDT by The Backyard Bakers. Office ladies would find the prime location easy for a swing-by in between office hours for quick hair and lunch fix.

Before Yoon Salon: Damaged, Unruly & Over-Processed

As you can tell, my hair condition is dry, damaged and out of shape. The roots are growing out and the ends look dry, brittle and frayed. It doesn’t help that I struggle with severe breakage – a result of bleaching and highlighting my hair over a year ago – which was also my last visit to a salon. P.S. It is highly recommended to do regular visits for a trim every two months.

Repair and Restore with Premium Hair Treatment at Yoon Salon

The customer service was impeccable right from the start and I felt comfortable and well-settled as I got introduced to my stylist. It didn’t take long for my stylist to access the extent of damage and identify the treatment most suited to target my key problem.

YOON only uses premium and gentle products. Housing in-salon professional Japanese brand Milbon signature products, they offer 4 types of premium hair treatments, specifically targeting key focus areas: hydration, moisturisation, repair, and anti-frizz. I was recommended the moisturising hair treatment.

We kicked off with a gentle first wash, followed by a second wash for a deeper cleanse. Arguably one of the best, if not the best, head wash incorporates a thorough scalp scrub and a tension releasing neck massage is sure to put you to sleep. 

The Five-Step Holy Grail to Greater Hair: Yoon Salon Explained

What is the five-step holy grail to great hair? The five-step moisture professional treatment, while seemingly basic, is not to be overlooked. According to my stylist, you can achieve hair perfection with inexpensive products – and the Milbon treatment can also be applied at home on a self-pampering night. The secret’s out of the bag, and here are the five steps I had my first-hand encounter with.

  1. Milbon No. 1 Primer to start off : Like your primer application after skincare and before makeup, the Milbon No. 1 primer is imperative to set your hair up for the treatment. The primer is the crux to protect and pre-empt your hair from external heat and humidity while acting as a layer to absorb moisture for the dry condition. YOON never skives on the most important foundation of it all!
  2. Milbon No. 2 Moisture Repair Foam: A lightweight application from roots to ends, the repair foam replenishes moisture with an intensive amino acid blend. 3 to 5 pumps would do the trick.  A must-have for deep, intensifying conditioning – bid goodbye to lifeless and brittle hair.
  3. Milbon No. 3 Moisture Repair Cream: Ceramide 2 within this product is perfect to reverse the damage as a result of prolonged hair colouring. This cream acts as a miracle layering on top of the foam, as my stylist slathered a generous amount onto the length of my tresses.
  4. Milbon No. 4 Moisture Sealer: The icing on the cake. Step 4 is as intriguing as it is straightforward. It is exactly how it sounds. The moisture-locking polymer is responsible for sealing in the moisture by the cuticle.
  5. Milbon No. 5 Cuticle Coat: Comes the final application. The cuticle coat contains hyaluronic acid in the product and also helps seals in the treatment. Double-seal for fully optimised results that will last up to 5 weeks!

Unlike most salons that use regular cap hair steamers, YOON uses mist instead. Heat in steamers tends to cause more damage, while water-based mist allows better absorption of the treatment into your locks.

Does your salon scrimp on styling equipment? YOON doesn’t. After 10 minutes of misting and my final wash, we end off with a blow-dry with Dyson hair dryers. For someone who doesn’t have Dyson products at home, it was a sweet ending to my experience with Yoon.

After Yoon Salon: Unlocking Shiny & Healthy Hair

Achieve hair perfection here with the experienced stylists who are masters of great class and meticulousness to deliver the best style most suited for you.

For a limited time only, try 1 session of hair treatment for $28. Other premium services included. Attain true hair and scalp beauty without breaking the bank!

Other hair premium services include cut, colouring, creative colouring, perming, creative shaping, rebonding, scalp treatment, bleaching, and wash and blow.

BONUS Step No.6: I was also given a take-home pack of a weekly booster packed with Ceramide 2 and hyaluronic acid. The weekly booster has been tried and tested, and the prolonged results lasted me beyond a month! 

P.S. The up-and-coming salon attracts huge crowds of visitors daily, so call to make an appointment beforehand if you wish to secure a spot. And, do take a look at their website’s advice column whenever you are unsure about scalp and hair care. They have a wide range of articles to choose from — you are sure to learn something new after reading each write-up.

Thank you YOON!

Yoon Salon Outlet Operating Hours
Yoon Salon Outlet Operating Hours

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