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It’s always important to have clean and fresh air to breathe but air quality has never been more of a concern than it is now. Be sure to stay safe and stay well in the new normal with Aurabeat as their Aurabeat AG+ Silver Ion Plasma Sterilization Air Purifiers is the world’s first FDA certified purifier to filter, sterilize, and disinfect the air you and your loved ones breath.

Aurabeat is a Hong Kong-based company that has successfully developed the world’s first FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved air purifier and air steriliser certified to eliminate 99.9% of COVID-19 virus along with 99% of all other airborne bacteria within 30 minutes using their patent-pending AG+TM Disinfection Technology, effectively reducing the risk of secondary infection and airborne transmission.

Aurabeat AG+TM Technology

Founded in 2017, Aurabeat’s world-class Research and Development team boasts decades of experience in engineering and environmental science relating to SARS, airborne disease transmission and air purification. In order to suppress and eliminate bacteria and viruses effectively, they have developed their patent-pending Aurabeat AG+TM Technology.

This technology first eliminates these viruses by breaking down the virus cell membrane, thereby destroying the DNA of the virus, subduing virus activity and infectivity, thus, preventing the virus from attaching to and invading cells.

Products Suitable For The New Normal At Home


Regardless of whether you are running a business or just want to have the best air-purifying devices at home, Aurabeat promises to extend the same level of air purifying and sanitation solutions for both businesses and consumers to help eliminate and prevent the spread of COVID-19 while you resume your day-to-day indoor activities.

Aurabeat AG+TM (NSP-X1), S$1099

Firstly, their Aurabeat AG+TM (NSP-X1) flagship model uses a three-stage disinfection mechanism to eliminate the COVID-19 virus by using their patented AG+TM Air Filtration, UV Disinfection and Plasma Sterilization. With a coverage range of up to 40m, it can filter, disinfect and sterilize the air in the room within 30mins, keeping all your loved ones safe.

AG+TM Portable (CSP-X1) (S$269)

The AG+TM Portable (CSP-X1) features a 4-in-1 efficiency air filter and 3-speed fan, meeting different purification needs in smaller spaces, such as offices and car interiors. With a coverage of up to 7m, it is perfect for the confined spaces of the car and helps disinfect the car interior and air within 30mins.

“We are very proud that our technology and products are consistently chosen to help hospitals and governments around the world to protect essential workers and aid businesses in their reopening plans for returning consumers and employees. Our team of R&D experts continues to innovate and will be expanding our technology to protect smaller spaces, elevators, ambulances and hospital bed facilities from COVID-19 by the end of this year.” shared Roger Szeto, Founder and Chief Scientist of Aurabeat.

Aurabeat AG+TM products are currently available on their website HERE and are already released in stores. You can also find them at Ante Takashimaya, Level 3, Men’s Department of Takashimaya Departmental Store, or on Lazada’s Aurabeat flagship store.

Address: 391A Orchard Rd, Singapore 238873

Opening Hours: 11:00 am to 8:00pm (Monday to Thursday) | 11:00am to 9:30pm (Friday & Saturday) | 11:00 am to 8:00pm (Sunday)

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