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5 TV Choices for Kids Edutainment

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Racking your brain to find some educational entertainment for your children? Here’s a listing for you to save the trouble.


Shimmer and Shine
Premieres, 1 December, Tuesdays at 9am (PH) and 9.25am (MY)
Premieres, 21 December, Mondays at 11.10am (TH/WIB) and 12.10pm (HK/MY/PH/SG)

Pre-schoolers will enter a whimsical genie world full of magic, music and misadventures in Nickelodeon’s brand-new animated series, Shimmer and Shine. The 20-episode series follows twin genies-in-training, Shimmer and Shine, who grant wishes for their friend Leah that lead to surprising mishaps but the trio always figures out a way to make the mistakes turn out great.


Game Shakers

Premieres, 4 December at 5pm (TH), 6pm(HK/SG/WIB), 6.30pm (PH) and 7pm (MY) before returning to its regular timeslot on weekdays from Monday, 7 December at 3.30pm (TH), 4.30pm (HK/SG), 5pm (WIB) and 6pm (MY/PH).

Make coding cool for kids? A fun way to introduce kids to coding? Here’s a new show about girl game developers – connecting the show to today’s kids’ love of gaming and apps! Nickelodeon’s latest live-action comedy series is about a pair of 12-year-old girls who become unlikely gaming moguls when their school project becomes the biggest mobile game of the year in Game Shakers.



My Pet and Me – Christmas Special

Friday, 25th December at 12.30pm

A special Christmas episode of the charming children’s series that helps children learn what it really means to have a pet. Animal expert Ferne Corrigan takes a trip to visit Alexandra and her reindeer – together they look at the special food they eat and how good they are at keeping warm in winter.


Wooly & Tig – Christmas Special

Friday, 25th December at 11.15pm

Sometimes strange things can seem scary when you’re only three, like Tig. Luckily, Tig’s furry toy spider, Woolly, is on hand to help her see how new experiences can be fun! In this special episode, Tig visits her Grandad for Christmas. On Christmas Eve, Tig can’t sleep. Tig worries that there is no snow for Santa’s sleigh, Grandad’s house has no chimney, and how will Santa know she is staying with Grandad?


Pets – Wild At Heart

Friday, 18h December at 10.40pm

We may think of our pets like another member of the family – but they exist in a secret world that we would hardly recognise. In this series,new filming techniques reveal our pets’ wild behaviour and natural abilities. Just a small group of animals has the perfect natural characteristics needed to share our lives. Each is special – the cat is a solitary predator, the dog is a pack hunter, the horse a herd-dweller, while smaller pets are various prey.

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