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Help with multitasking and give some free time back to us

Flowers, jewellery and dining treats are all awesome gifts for Mama this Mother’s Day but how about giving her some free time and a hand with multitasking?

So the next time you hack Mama’s phone, download one of these useful apps for her…

6 Apps for Mum

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1. Getting Organised – Time is precious so being organised ensures everything that needs to be done gets done as well as giving Mum a little time to herself too.  With Wunderlist Mama can organise her everyday life all the way to execution.  This multi-tasking app has a memory function to that all events and tasks will not be forgotten and life is make simple by sharing the task list with family and friends for effortless collaborations too.

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2. Pre-Baby Body – No problem with the Runtastic app.  Set a goal and stick to it by keeping all your training progress in one place, recording your fitness activities and be informed of the calories burned and distance covered.  Runtastic uses GPS to record activities and is a super way to keep motivated.

3. Set Aside Some Alone Time – sounds impossible, especially when most mothers get just 1 hour to themselves each day!  The app Offtime is set to change that – Mama can be disconnected from the world (including social media) and take some time for a little rest and relaxation while her smartphone is put into sleep mode.  Fear not, the app can be programmed to accept calls or mails from certain contacts or apps.  (featured image)

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4. Eat Right and Live Healthier – Busy Mama can often let slip the healthier foods and her diet will go to pot!  But with the app Diet Hero, she can simply key in her weight loss goal, list down her favourite food choices and what she has available in her pantry, with this information, the Diet Hero app will generate a meal plan that leads to the target weight.  Save time in meal planning and hit the target weight goal.

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5. Sleep Baby Sleep – Using soothing and calming music with peaceful images, Baby Soother will soon see your child settled for a either a good nights sleep or nap time.  Goodbye stress at bedtime and we think its a great way to calm Mama too!

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6. Clean House and avoid Housework – yes its possible with Helpling!  Just a couple of hours each week with the help of a cleaner and Mama can free up some valuable time for herself and start to enjoy the things she loves to do again.  With rates starting from just $20 an hour, the Helpling app makes booking a cleaner simple.

6 Apps for Mum picked and contributed by Helpling – the leading global online marketplace for home cleaners.


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