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Review: Pompomprurin Café


Pompomourin Cafe

The well-loved Sanrio POMPOMPURIN

character-themed café has finally made its way to Singapore. Isn’t it wonderful that there is no longer a need to travel to Japan, Taiwan or Hong Kong to hunt for this adorable Sanrio café to fulfill your long time dream of meeting POMPOMPURIN?

Featuring POMPOMPURIN, a yellow golden retriever created by Sanrio in 1996, each café around the world has a different theme. Inspired by Singapore’s lush greenery, the first POMPOMPURIN Café in South-east Asia takes on the “Garden City” theme.

The opening of the café has seen many friends aweing over the adorable character and busy snapping Instagram-worthy pictures of POMPOMPURIN-styled dishes. Be prepared to lose all defenses when you are faced with POMPOMPURIN cuteness, cuteness and cuteness.

“How can we bear to eat this?”

That’s the first exclamation we made when the dishes were presented. After the mandatory photo taking session with the food despite our growling stomachs, we tucked in.

Verdict on taste & look:

POMPOMPURIN Pudding and Ice cream

The second runner up on the list is POMPOMPURIN Pudding and Ice cream served in a tall glass.

This cutesy-styled dessert can definitely satisfy your sweet tooth!

Taste: ***
Look: ****

POMPOMPURIN’S Banana & Caramel Pancake

The first runner up is POMPOMPURIN’S Banana & Caramel Pancake (S$16.99).

Even though the pancake is a bit dry, the combination of pancake, cream, bananas and caramel can hardly go wrong.

Taste: ****
Look: ****

POMPOMPURIN’S Coconut Milk Chicken Curry

The winner is POMPOMPURIN’S Coconut Milk Chicken Curry ($17.99)!

Taste: *****
Look: *****

This is our favourite dish. The adorable POMPOMPURIN head-shaped rice made us really excited! The flavourful mild coconut curry is not for the spice lover though.

The best thing is you can request for children’s dining sets if your kids are with you. The POMPOMPURIN-shaped bowl paired with wooden utensils is a thoughtful move to make the kids eat more.

However, since the plating of each dish may take longer than usual, you must be patient. If your kids are getting impatient, bring them over to the POMPOMPURIN merchandise corner for an eye-opener. Almost everything that kids love ranging from mechanical pencils to plush toys is on sale! Click HERE to purchase them!

We are sure both your children and you will enjoy the place!


Address: 181 Orchard Road #04-08, Orchard Central.

Open hours: open daily from 11am to 10.30pm (last order at 10pm).

Tel: +65 6509 8672. (No reservations, walk-in only)

Takeaway services are not available.  Corporate bookings are negotiable.

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