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Review: Rafferty’s Garden

Rafferty's Garden

Rafferty's Garden

When it comes to weaning,

I am a believer of home-made goodness. Think about this, a child has a whole life ahead to stuff himself with sodium and sugar-loaded junk. He would probably be eating his first french fries before he can even mutter the word ‘potato’. So why are we in such a hurry to feed him with food made from a factory somewhere, and you are not 100% certain of what goes in it. With my first child, I was extremely adamant. I dare say she had every meal cooked from scratch in our home kitchen, up until she past her 3rd birthday. Even when we were going to be out the entire day, I made sure I prepared all her meals first before we headed out.

When number 2 joined the family, I stuck to my beliefs as much as I could. But sometimes, it was just impossible to cook every meal when one has to juggle with being a parent, working full time and managing a demanding pre-schooler. Hence, she had some organic puree packed for situations where mommy needed her sanity away from the kitchen and out of the house in lightning-speed.

Our 3rd child came along before number 2 was barely 20 month-old. By the time Elia was nearing her weaning age of 6 month-old, I had assumed that it was going to be quite similar to what I have done with the first 2 – no packet puree for the first few months at least. At that time, a friend asked if anyone was keen to review Rafferty’s Garden’s baby food. I wasn’t sure at first so I didn’t volunteer. She approached me directly again knowing that I had an infant who was going to be weaned. I thought about it and realised it could be a perfect opportunity since I was about to travel overseas with 2 of my younger children, so I agreed. I can’t imagine having to make puree everyday while struggling with feeding, changing diapers, packing and unpacking, doing laundry, and ensuring my hair is in place.

Rafferty’s Garden’s packet puree comes in an assorted range of colours – Red for something with apples, green that has pear in its mix, orange which has a blend of pumpkin, purple for ingredients that had berries and of course yellow for a splash of bananas. I am pretty sure this brand of baby food has the widest array of colours displayed on the supermarket shelves. You can’t missed it and even the baby loves pulling it off the shelves.

Being a discerning mother who prioritise nutrition over value, I was happy to note that Rafferty’s Garden’s food promises a farm-fresh natural source that is free from preservatives, added salt, additives or anything artificial. It’s REAL food, they claimed. That really put me at ease. I didn’t have to worry too much about damaging Elia’s virgin intestines with icky unknown ingredients. And on the plus side, it’s really affordable in comparison to its competition.

I have the habit of trying everything that goes into my baby’s mouth. I want to know if whats shown on the food label is true. The last thing I want is to have salt and sugar added into their food when they are not mentioned on the labels. So before I fed Elia her first spoon of Rafferty’s Garden’s blueberries, banana and apple puree, I licked off a teaspoon myself. The taste was pure goodness from real fruit, very close to the puree I make myself! That’s it, I found my convenient home-made puree substitute for occasions when mommy needs a break from the kitchen and when we are out and about!

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Comments 9

  1. Like you, I also try to test first whatever food goes to G's mouth. All mums would prefer home-cooked goodness but for busy working mums like me, it helps that there are healthier choices in the supermarket we could rely on when we don't have time to cook.
    Cherry (www.sweetmemoirs.com)

  2. Wow thanks for sharing! I have a 3mo at the moment, will definitely let her try out Rafferty's when we start her on semi-solids.

  3. Mummy Ed says:

    I've heard good things about Rafferty's! But only after all my babies are past the weaning stage 😀

  4. Lup Wai says:

    I've tried this on my kids when they were weaning and they didn't like it. But this is really a saviour to busy mummies like us!

  5. Ling Ling says:

    Rafferty is one of my favourite brand, esp when I'm out for activities, now my kids passed this stage, will def recommend to my mummies friends.

  6. I've heard plenty of good things too but have yet to try so thank you for the review and might try it on my little one.

  7. Justine Ong says:

    Pouches are life savers especially when we are out and about. Definitely a life saver when kiddo was jetlagged at 3am and asking for food! =P

  8. Yay! I love Rafferty's Garden! Their cereal range is so great for weaning – looking forward to when that becomes available here.

  9. ngjuann.com says:

    Oh i have tried thesw before! They r good!

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