6 Top Gifts for Families with Toddlers

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1. Baby PhotographyChicChuG Creations
A great way to immortalise the innocence and beauty of a new baby is to have a professional capture their candid expressions on film, and not many do it better than the husband and wife duo – Wayne and Geraldine.

Having named their company after the sound that a camera shutter traditionally makes, this affable couple are firm believers in the conservation of important moments on film and in a photobook; an unparalleled way to take a trip down memory lane and relive the best experiences of our lives.

Specialists in photography of expectant mothers and newborn babies, Wayne and Geraldine effortlessly capture the emotion of each moment as a permanent, tangible product. The duo work in perfect harmony, taking turns to hold the attention of the notoriously fickle young model while manoeuvring effortlessly to leverage on light and space to create the perfect snapshot.

While parents busy themselves with the day-to-day needs of the child, present them with a timeless gift that will appeal to their practical side and stay rooted in their hearts for a long time! Perfect!

Contact Wayne and Geraldine at [email protected] to find out more.

2. Bright EyesPN Kids
Children aged two and older are usually big fans of reading storybooks and of the use of electronic devices for entertainment, be it a wide-screen television or a tablet held in their little hands. These activities, while sometimes stimulating and beneficial for the child’s development, may place undue stress on their still-developing eyes, leading to the need for spectacles or contact lenses later in life.

We can help protect against early damage to their delicate eyes by supplementing their diets with Vitamin A, B Complex, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, building an effective antioxidant layer that shields them against dirt, damaging sunlight and macular degeneration.

This festive season, give the gift of great vision by including Bright Eyes by PN Kids in your gift hamper; boosting children’s vision and development with all the abovementioned vitamins and minerals, and fortified with Folic and Vitamin D to boost vision and prevent a host of early onset eye problems. Containing citrus pectin for effective vitamin absorption and great tasting fruity flavours, your friends’ kids will no doubt look forward to chewing on the colourful gummies every day!

Find out more about Bright Eyes and a wide range of other child wellness products HERE

3. Baby NutritionBimbosan
Trusted by generations of Swiss mothers, Bimbosan offers a simple, effective way of tailoring a child’s feed and providing him/her with the exact nutrient mix their body needs.

Featuring a Nutrition Planner and the Bimbosan Feel-Good-System, Bimbosan employs a modular system that allows parents to prepare organic milk powder in a way that is best consumed by babies depending on their current status.

Delivery of the delicious Bimbosan milk differs in relation to the age of the child, stool consistency, appetite and even general mood of the child on a daily basis. Children who have trouble sleeping through the night, in particular, will benefit from the addition of Bio-Hosana to their diets; a gluten-free, all-natural bottle supplement and pap made from carefully chosen organic millet, rice and corn grains.

Visit Bimbosan HERE to find out more about the proven health benefits of providing a child’s body with exactly what it needs, and give the gift of great health this festive period!

4. Baby Cots and FurnitureAccord Network
For a one-stop solution that readies a home for a toddler, one need look no further than Accord Network Services (showroom at North Spring Bizhub, Yishun). Industry specialists that bring in only the best items from retailers all over the world, Accord Network Services offers a range of baby-centric furniture including cots, mattresses, wardrobes, changing stations, and more.

Common concerns such as orthopedic support, anti-bacterial fabrics, organic products, and even furniture that transforms to suit babies as they grow older are all addressed by the quality brands available through Accord Network Services, including Farlin, Bright Bots, Bubba Blue and Galipette.

The Farlin series of cot, drawer chest, wardrobe and mattress is one such selection offered by Accord Network Services, an example of a range of products that provide the perfect mix of form and functionality in a beautifully designed package.

5. Titan365Sure Clean
Most parents take it upon themselves to clean the environment their children play, eat and sleep in. While this is a commendable commitment, their best efforts are sometimes insufficient for a thorough clean, as ordinary household products struggle to offer the kind of anti-bacterial protection most parents would aspire towards.

So, what is the best way to clean the house and keep it that way? Sureclean Pte Ltd now offers Titan365, an effective cleansing option administered by hygiene specialists that offers 99.99% disinfection courtesy of a titanium dioxide self-cleaning anti-germ barrier armed with nanotechnology to improve indoor air quality and overall hygiene levels!

The effects of the two-hour anti-bacterial cleaning session last up to a year and protect all the walls and door surfaces in the home. Additionally, furniture and bedding covers are also coated by this invisible layer of protection, offering parents the priceless gift of peace of mind.

Find out more about Titan365 HERE and delight a friend with a gift from the heart today!

6. Baby Body Oil – Twinkle

We’ve introduced you to supplements, nutritious food and even disinfection services, so how can we possibly leave out skincare products?

We should always be aware of what we are putting onto our skin, and that’s why we must always read the labels and select products that are truly natural and not harmful to skin. This is especially important when you are searching for that one perfect product for a child.

To help you with your hunt for the most thoughtful gift, here’s a quick tip on some ingredients to avoid having in skincare products. Some big NO-NOs to look out for are Mineral Oil, Paraben, Silicon, Sulfates, Artificial fragrances and Artificial Colours. These ingredients do no good to your skin, and are often harmful to your body in the long run. Try to go for products with simple and natural ingredients that you recognise; i.e. Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil.

This Christmas, select a thoughtful and beneficial gift for your Mummy Friend. Twinkle carries a range of products such as baby body oil, hair oil, and lotion sprays that are specially concocted for children’s sensitive skin. Be sure to expect real natural ingredients with no harmful substances! The best part? Mummies can use these products for themselves too. Definitely an ideal gift, we say!

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