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Our Top 10 Happy Birthday Party Ideas




We have picked out our Top 10 Happy Birthday Party Ideas that will make Bubba’s Birthday just great! From decorations and goodie bags to games, tableware and recipes.  Together we can help you make Bubba’s coming Birthday the best ever and one to remember!  Here are 10 Happy Birthday Party Ideas (in no particular order!):-

1.  Happy Birthday Party GUESTS – Kids parties don’t need to be big, but they do need to be fun.  So inviting the right guests is crucial.  The one question you need to ask yourself when it comes to inviting guests is – ‘Will the guests enjoy being there and will your child enjoy their presence?’  Remember, it’s not about the present they bring but about their presence!  Invite the guests your child wants to have fun with at his Happy Birthday Party!


2.  Happy Birthday Party FOOD – Homemade dishes are be sure to cater for any food allergies or dietary requirements of your bubba, your family and their guests.  Prepare dishes a couple of weeks in advance, keeping everything frozen, this leaves you time to work on deco and goodie bags nearer the day.  Great dishes to prepare in advance are pancakes with fruit purees, meatballs along with tomato sauce.  TIP for party food fun – cut foods with cookie cutters to make it more appealing to kids.

3.  Happy Birthday Party DRINKS – Simple fruit-infused water both tastes and looks great as well as being a healthy alternative to sodas.  Also, try Roselle Tea has a good choice because it tastes similar to unsweetened blackcurrant juice (add honey to sweeten the tea).  Roselle Tea can be found in traditional medicine stores and is prepared by steeping in hot water for a few minutes.  Other alternatives are Ribena’s original blackcurrant drink or, why not try the newest addition (not a blackcurrant drink) from Ribena, Pineapple and Passionfruit makes for a refreshing change and is super yummy too!

4.  Happy Birthday Party DECORATION – Choose to buy or rent decoration, whichever is your preference:-

  • If you want to buy decoration and choose a theme for bubba then we can recommend MTRADE, we recently ordered online and were very impressed with speed of delivery and quality of decoration for a small budget.  Find MTRADE The Novelty Wholesale Store HERE for decor, disposable items and goodie bag fillers.
  • If hiring partyware is your choice, then Red Carousel offers gorgeous partyware, decorations, tables and so much more.  Find Red Carousel HERE
  • For a more lasting impression, try Dreams & Confetti which offers everything from disposable partyware, keepsake Birthday goods, confetti decorations and so much more.  See Dreams & Confetti choices HERE or drop into their store at Great World City shopping mall.
GUMTOO for Pirate Theme Tattoos

5.  Happy Birthday Party GOODIE BAGS (party bags/door gifts) – Goodie bags always have to be packed with fun, playful, tasty treats that kids will love to take home and remember a super-amazing party!

  • Healthy and yummy snacks – try Greenday who carry a whole range of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables or Kiwigarden from New Zealand available at Cold Storage.  Both of these choices contain no preservatives or other junk we don’t like!
  • IKEA have affordable kids’ utensils which children can use and bring home after the party,
  • Recipe cards are a great idea for goodie bags, either for simple ‘bake with mama’ ideas or fun ‘healthy meals’ that mama can dish up for bubba,
  • Wet wipes are completely understated, but absolutely necessary, especially when dealing with sticky post-party fingers!
  • Go Green when it comes to the actual goodie bag – rather than plastic bags, opt for a reusable fabric or recyclable paper bag to stuff all of those fun goodie gifts inside.  Try Daiso for cheap colourful reusable fabric bags.
  • Pencils, pens and notebooks always go down well with children – practicing writing or sketchers from budding artists.  There are no end of colour or design choices at WEEKENDS or kikki.K.
  • Temporary tattoos are available in some fun designs, we love Gumtoo for the cutest designs where you can even find tattoos to match bubba’s party theme choice.  Fashionista Mama will find golden, shimmering Gumtoo tattoos too.  Find Gumtoo HERE.

6.  Happy Birthday Party VENUE – The cheapest choice is always at home, but with toddlers running around and in need of some space for fun, home is not always the preferred or possible choice.  Does your neighbourhood have a community centre or does your block have a void deck or residents lounge that you can book or hire?  If you want to head out for more fun venue then why not think about the local park or green area for a picnic and fun, Marina Bay Gardens have plenty of space for Happy Birthday Fun, atop the Marina Barrage is a fun place to play – bubba and friends could even try their hand at flying a kite, for water park fun – Wild Wild Wet .


7.  Happy Birthday Party BIRTHDAY GREETINGS – Sending a Birthday Greeting card is perfect but why not send bubba a fun Birthday Greeting on CBeebies!  CBeebies and the whole of Asia celebrate your bubba’s Happy Birthday!  Starting in the month of July, CBeebies will highlight the birthdays of their little fans on the official channel! The Happy Birthday feature will include their picture, name, age, and birthday – everything to make them feel like a superstar! Your child will not only be celebrated on the channel, but also across the CBeebies website and CBeebies Facebook page!

Little learners up to the age of seven are eligible and parents/guardians simply need to go to the CBeeBie’s website and upload the cutest picture of their child and it will be featured in the CBeebies monthly birthday celebration! In the meantime, tune in to CBeebies (StarHub channel 303).


8.  Happy Birthday Party BIRTHDAY CAKE – Don’t forget how much bubba enjoys blowing out the candles and making a forever wish!  For a cake that pictures his hero or favourite character, choose BREADTALK.  For a Happy Birthday cake with a difference, try a cheesecake from Cat & Fiddle or perhaps choose a variety of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, take them home and pile them high for an out of this world Krispy Kreme Birthday Creation.  If you are more of a ‘bake at-home’ mama, let’s face it, you can watch the sugar and other ingredients in the preparation, then go ahead and bake bubba a perfect Happy Birthday cake but for decoration, might we recommend CAKETHAT for wafer paper cake toppers – personalisation of cake and cupcake toppers are available.

9.  Happy Birthday Party OUTFIT – Bubba needs to look the part and be the star of the show at his/her Happy Birthday Party, we think SEED Heritage have some lovely cute and comfortable party wear for bubba.

10.  Happy Birthday Party GAMES – Everyone has their favourite party games, we and our bubbas love ‘pass-the-parcel’ or ‘hook-a-goodie’.  For more ideas, check out this link HERE.  (party game ideas CREDIT – NetMums)

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