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7 Reasons your child should take up martial arts


Evolve Little Samurai Children's Program


By Mummy Kristine Ong

As a child, I’ve always wanted to take up martial arts of some sort. My parents however, had different plans, and signed me up for the requisite ballet classes and music classes. I remember the two hours of daily practice, the reluctant hitting the keys of my piano and the rest of the day complaining about the incessant ache in my shoulder that I got from sitting (slouching actually) at my piano. I also spent most of my Saturdays grudgingly heading for that hour of dance class and not making the most of that hour of dance class.

Now that I have a bubba of my own, I’m excited to look into options available. After a few days of research, I’ve found a couple of reasons to validate this obsession of mine.

Reason #1: Discipline and Focus

Bubba has recently started to take the easy way out when it comes to doing things. A little bit out of reach, too boring, or out of comfort zone?

Mummy!!!!” and voila, instant gratification.

One of the central tenets of all forms of the martial arts is an absolute focus on self-discipline and self-restraint. As Qui-Gon Jinn famously said to Anakin Skywalker “Your focus determines your reality.” But Bubba isn’t going to listen to her mother quoting Star Wars.

Evolve Little Samurai Children's Program 1

Reason #2: Respect

Respect for everyone and anyone. This is a big part of martial arts and its traditions. Being respectful is one of the key ingredients to being the best person one can be. As with all parents, we want our bubbas to be the best that they can be.

Reason #3: Confidence and Self-Esteem

I find that one of the main reasons that Bubba like to take the easy way out by just hiding behind me whenever she can is the lack of self-confidence and the fear of failure.

What better way to instill a sense of self-confidence in the journey to master that new move, and earning a new belt?

Reason #4: Mental Strength

As with all sports, there will be a point where the body is weak, and this is where all the discipline and focus will help to mind to push through the mental barriers to complete the task at hand.

Reason #5: Independence & Being a Team-player

One of the reasons that I’m rather inclined to Martial Arts is it is not just an individual sport of mastering that new maneuver by practicing until you get it right. There will be plenty of chances of working together with classmates to learn new things and accomplish goals.

Reason #6: Physical Fitness

Run, jump, kick, scream! Expand all the energy! Please be totally tired after and zonk out for your nap or an early night J

Reason #7: Self-Defense

And for the most obvious reason, I want my child to be able to defend herself should the need arise, both mentally and physically.


I shared the list with my mother the other day. She smiled and wished me good luck with that.

And just at that moment, Bubba waltzes into the room, in a tutu dress, tiara, and a hundred clips and ribbon in her hair. She gives us a pretty little twirl and quips “Mummy look at me! I’m a princess ballerina! I want to go for ballet lessons, like Peppa Pig!”.

Okay, enough of this nonsense, time to start her watching Kim Possible (is it still showing?).

This information on – benefits of martial arts for children – is from the Evolve blog.

Evolve offer a complimentary trial session of how the Evolve Little Samurai Children’s Program is usually run and this will be with one of their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champions and Black Belts.

The children’s program is located at two of the three academies, Evolve Orchard Central and Evolve PoMo Mall. Evolve have a total over 50 classes spread throughout the various academies and each membership will allow the kids to participate in as many classes as they like.

To find out more about Evolve and sign your child up for their first martial arts class, see the links below.

Evolve Children’s Program

About Evolve – Evolve enables everyone to enjoy the benefits of martial arts with it’s safe, fun, and supportive environment.  Practicing martial arts leads to; Fitness and good health, Confidence, mental strength, and discipline, Self-defense for the real world and Lifelong friendships

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Comments 7

  1. Liang May says:

    hahha I had to read this post first because I told my husband the same thing. Martial Arts is important to instill a set of skill that a regular ballet or music class cannot. I loved my ballet and I was dissappointed my mother stopped my classes in PSLE year. I went back to dancing when I became a teen and as a mother of two now, I am still considering to return to Ballet. However, I want my daughter and son to take up martial arts over ballet or music if they are keen. My take for the girl: she cannot defend herself on the streets with Ballet. My take for the boy: he needs to understand that a good fight isn't about injuring others.

  2. Karen Chen says:

    I've been struggling to lay this on my son's plate. So many to learn, so little time. His level of interests usually priortise his choices. Shall see if we can fit something in for him.

  3. Phoebe Lau says:

    My boy took some weeks of 'kungfu' lessons in school and I think it was great! Too bad it is not offered as a CCA. I love their posture and how discipline the class is. I always think those who practice martial arts are very charimastic. 🙂

  4. Ashlyn Thia says:

    Seeing all these benefits, I would really love to enrol my girl in martial arts but I'm so worried she becomes too rough. Haha, a couple more year before we start her on any classes but I will definitely consider martial arts!

  5. Maybe my son will be interested this year to learn Martial Arts as last year he took Wushu and he enjoyed a bit of it.

  6. Michelle Hon says:

    My husband wants our daughters to attend martial arts classes but I'm on the fence on this. I believe in exposing them to as many things as possible but it really is up to them if they are interested to attend on a longer basis.

  7. Danessa Foo says:

    My parents send me and my brother to taekwondo and we loved it! For me personally, martial arts help me build my confidence and self-esteem early on while I was growing up 😉

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