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7 Tips for Easy Holiday Hosting




’Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la…’, or is it? Even if you’re not religious, this time of year is all about gathering family and friends, which can be at once both stressful and joyful. Are you hosting a Christmas party this year? Planning an event that’s fun for both the grown ups and the little ones can seem like a daunting task. Melissa and Jacqueline, party planners extraordinaire, have years of experience between them. Their online party planning tool Delegate has heaps of ideas and great vendors for any kind of party. Here are their top tips for hosting.

  1. Timing is everything. Try to start the party earlier in the day so that the kids won’t be over-fatigued and cranky. For example, you can do 3:30 in the afternoon, which is after most nap times, and gives you the whole morning to prepare.
  2. Simplify food. Keep food as fuss-free as possible. If you’re cooking, look at recipes that can be prepped in advance and then simply put in the oven to cook. A potluck bbq alleviates a lot of the stress and burden on the host. Be sure the food caters to young palates as well.
  3. Outsource what you can afford. If you want to outsource the whole meal planning, Delegate has caterers such as Fine Palate, Lavish Dine who are able to provide more family friendly options. Or you could mix it up with some home cooked options, and then order in some special treats for that ‘WOW’ factor, like Popaganda’s gorgeous popsicles or Ice Cream Cookie Co, perfect for tropical Christmases. Or have a bespoke Christmas cake made with your family initials by My Fat Lady or Susucre (jump in early because they get fully booked out very early on.) If you really want to push the boat out, hire a dessert table designer like Once Upon a Table. Adults and kids alike will go nuts!
  4. Designate a kids section. Set up a drawing room with colouring books, storybooks, iPads and screen movies that the kids will like. Consider hiring a helper just to look after the kiddies so you know everyone’s safe and sound whilst you go about hosting. If you have a big group of children attending, hiring a magician like Mr Bottle’s to entertain them is a fun idea.
  5. Plan the beverages and always have extra ice. You can never have too much ice in our balmy climate! A huge esky filled with ice and bottles of water, wine and soft drinks keeps things easy peasy for self-service. No one is saying you need mason jars filled with craft gin, home made tonic and handpicked pine needles as garnish, but something a little festive that’s a talking point always goes a long way. Why not get a large bowl and make a refreshing punch, iced mulled wine or eggnog?
  6. Designate a photographer. If you have a snap happy relative, chat to them beforehand about being the official family photographer. You’ve gone to all the effort of getting everyone together, and you’ll love having memories from the special day. Don’t worry about having a DSLR, even an iPhone will do. Another option is to get silly with a photo booth. Aww Snap doesn’t take much space to set up and have custom backdrops and a lot of props for playful, mischievous moments in front of the camera.
  7. Integrate the family. That’s why you’re all here! Play games that everyone will enjoy such as Charades, Pictionary and have a Secret Santa gift exchange that everyone participates in

Thanks and credit for this article to DELEGATE who can help you plan a perfect event in minutes.

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