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Christmas Gifts for Six Kinds of Mamas

ILIA lip colours available at The Naturally Better Co
ILIA lip colours available at The Naturally Better Co


Having kids isn’t the easiest thing you can simply pause, stop, rewind or fast-forward, but there is no experience like having children, as told by Morrie Schwartz. With jiggling bells and sparkly trees all around, it’s tough not getting into the festive mood. Well, this article is dedicated to all family and friends looking to do or get something a little special for that mommy you know.

The Mama-to-be

She may be nervous all the time, not knowing what to expect or figure out she’ll cross the bridge when she gets there. Whichever the case, a non-toxic manicure is a simple treat every woman will appreciate. I haven’t done my nails in more than 3 years! Maybe my husband will get the hint from here.

The Naturally Better Company

This earth-loving boutique does more than nails, they’ve even got a whole range of makeup, skincare, bodycare and more.

Millenia Walk #02-46
9 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039596

The First-Month Mama

While some of us love some me-time at home on a quiet Saturday afternoon, having to be cooped up at home for a whole month is an entirely different story. Treat this new mama to some lovin’ with a gorgeous blow-dry and she’ll get that much-needed hairwash. (Mamas, you can wash your hair during confinement. Just make sure your hair is blow-dried thoroughly and you’ll be good to go.) Schedule this session the night before or the morning little Bubba’s first-month celebration and that’s one task ticked off for the big day. Sign up for their newsletter and get a discount code too!

The Big Blow

#02-21, Cluny Court

501 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 259760

The Mama who gets busier at home

With babies, come baskets of laundry and barely any time to keep the house in tip-top condition. For Mamas who don’t have a full-time maid, Helpling is a reliable platform which matches customers and part-time cleaner, with no hidden costs and registration fees. Rates start from $18/hr.

Book directly at their website.

Petit Bowl's Braised Beef and Barley Pot
Petit Bowl’s Braised Beef and Barley Pot

The Mama who feeds the best to Bubba

Having a home-cooked meal involves grocery shopping, prepping, cooking, serving and cleaning up. Whenever you need a break and you still want Bubba to enjoy yummy, junk-free, nutritious food, Petit Bowl is here! Their “frozen solutions” range from simple one-ingredient purees to flavourful casseroles. The Travellers’ Pack will out Mama’s mind at ease with its secure seal that will last at least 18 hours. Prices range from $4 to $8 for a serving.

Petit Bowl

3005 Ubi Avenue 3,
Singapore 408861

The perfect red lipstick from Dita Von Teese
The perfect red lipstick from Dita Von Teese

The Sexy Mama

M.A.C. has paired up with the one and only femma fatele of our generation; Dita Von Teese, to create her signature old-Hollywood shade of red. This statement makeup piece will be available from 9th December 2015 on their website.

Shophouse Sixtyfive's lipbalms
Shophouse Sixtyfive’s lipbalms

The Hipster Mama

Created right here in sunny Singapore, Shophouse Sixtyfive is founded by Laselle graduate; Petrina Yuen. Love the pretty mommy in your life with Wah Chio Bu (Hokkien for pretty girl) Lip and Cheek Tint and while you’re at it, love yourself with the robust Coffeeshop Kopi-O Lipbalm. My favourite has got to be the Honeydew Sago Lipbalm with its fruity scent.

Shop on their website or check out this list of retailers.


If you think that Mama is your life fits into more than one of these six kinds, you can make a mini hamper with some of these goodies here. Hope this article will take away some stress of getting the perfect gift and add more joy to this festive period! If you guys have any other suggestions, do share with us. Merry Christmas, folks!

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