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The new Keppel Centre for Art Education at National Gallery Singapore is set to nurture creative thinkers and cultivate children’s interest in art.  This new immersive learning facility will open to the public on 24th November and is predicting to welcome 250,000 visitors each year.

We went along to the exclusive media preview of The Keppel Centre for Art Education where some 60 children trialled the many innovative programmes on offer.  These activities and hands-on connections with art will form the core of this purpose-built Centre, where families can extend their art journey from the gallery spaces into another seamless world of interactive exploration.

The Keppel Centre for Art Education has four signature spaces and, within the National Gallery Singapore, is an extension of the museum’s art experience taking families and children into an interactive learning classroom where visitors can learn more about art concepts and create their own artworks and have educational fun together.

With changing themes, The Keppel Centre for Art Education’s four signature spaces will each display their interpretation of the current theme. The 2015/2016 theme is Home: Present and Future.



Art Corridor – Touch Art : Here, Voyage is an interactive 3D maze made out of acrylic sheets.  The design is loosely based on the ‘blue map’ of Singapore; a map of water channels on the island.  Visitors/players at this 3D Maze can interact by sliding acrylic chips along the grooves (of the maze) hoping to pass through the maze without loosing their chip to the ‘treacherous’ terrain.


Art Playscape – Imaginative Play : Following the Home theme, here we step ‘into painting’ to enjoy the Adventures of the Enchanted Forest.  The artist, Sandra Lee has created a fantastical environment inspired by the flora, fauna and motifs in Southeast Asian art.  Children can climb into the split-level tree house, explore a labyrinth of panels and periscopes for imaginative play and discovery within this art piece.


Project Gallery – Learning Through Making : Tan Wee Lit has chosen Home-a-Sapiens to fit this 2015/2016 theme and, here, we can see how homes of the future may evolve as a result of social and environmental changes through the eyes of the artist.  With hands-on activities to enjoy, visitors can then see other ‘little artist’s’ works left on display in the Project Gallery.  One of the activities in this art space is to build a ‘home’ from the pre-cut pieces available.


Children’s Museum – Role Play : Homes, Languages, Letters is the fit to theme in this signature space.  Artist Milenko Prvacki has created an artist studio environment where children and their families can handle and utilise objects, art tools and materials found in the artist’s studio, discover the symbols and metaphors in artworks through writing and sharing narratives, personal stories and memories as well as developing vocabulary and interpretive skills though hands on learning and role-play.

The Keppel Centre for Art Education is due to open, together with the National Gallery Singapore, on 24th November 2015.  Located on the ground floor of the City Hall Wing, the Centre is easily accessible to schools and families with young children.

Admission to The Keppel Centre for Art Education is free.

The Keppel Centre for Art Education will present an annual change of installations and features a series of family-friendly programmes, such as daily tours, workshops, lectures, forums, family weekends and community days.

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