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Asian Festival of Children’s Content (25-30 May 2013)



Bilingualism and a love for reading are great gifts that we can each give our children. The Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC), which promotes quality Asian literary content, is fast approaching with their exciting yearly event.  This May, the AFCC invites you and your children to partake in their diverse range of fun workshops, conferences, master classes and free public events.

Here are our favourites from the programme…

The Parents Forum is jam-packed full of enriching talks about why nurturing early learning and bilingualism is so important and what we can do to foster it in our households.  From lessons on engaging storytelling to teaching reading and writing using motor skills, there’s something there for everyone.  If your kids are aged 6-12, feel free to bring them along too for some creative activities.
Sunday 26th May, 10am – 5pm
Cost: $100

Malaysian Night

Celebrate and learn more about Malaysian culture with live performances and Malay cuisine!  There will be a special performance by Sekolah Seni Johor of “The Proud Butterfly and the Strange Tree” as well as a pavilion dedicated to Children and Young Adult books from Malaysia.

Monday 27th May
Cost: FREE (registration is needed)

Storybook Theatre– Prince Bear and Pauper Bear

AFCC4The Learning Connections’ troupe of actors bring storytelling to life with their travelling Storybook Theatre. With the use of performing arts, the Theatre encourages children to participate in an effort to ignite their passion for reading.

The Learning Connections
Saturday 25th May, 12.30pm – 1 pm
Cost: FREE

AFCC2To see the whole range of events and for more details, visit their website now!

Asian Festival of Children’s Content
National Library Building, Singapore
25 – 30 May 2013
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