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Recently, we attended AXA SmartFamily launch, it made us realised that insurance is not just about the management of stress but also a peace of mind when something happens.  As parents, we tend to worry about everything and we are often over-protective – because that is in our DNA to take care of our children when all they have is us.

AXA launched a very unique type of personal insurance plan and it goes beyond financial coverage, it is a well thought personal plan to address family issues after accidents happen.  The AXA SmartFamily offers a suite of 8 services which helps smoothen daily disruptions during various stage of recovery so that one can have a peace of mind and one’s family well taken care by AXA.

AXA SmartFamily plan is designed by parents like us:

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AXA SmartFamily’s 8 services that are essential to one’s recovery:

  • Child Guardian – Arranging and paying for our children transport to school;
  • Home Nursing – Arranging and paying for a nurse to attend to post-accident treatments or therapy at home;
  • Consultation with a Therapist – Making appointments and payment for our therapy or rehabilitation services;
  • Doctor’s Home Visits – Arranging and paying for a doctor’s visit for our follow up treatments;
  • Home Modification – Arranging and paying for modification to our home to accommodate our disability;
  • Transportation for Medical Appointments – Arranging and paying for transportation (i.e. taxi service) to the hospital/clinics for follow up treatments;
  • Housekeeping & Meal Services – Arranging and paying for professional house cleaning and meal services;
  • Psychologist Consultation – Making appointments and payment on our behalf for psychologist consultations.

Freedom of coverage choice 

A plan with 3 different ranges of sum insured ($250,000, $500,000 and $1 million) to choose from to suit our needs.

AXA SmartFamily Annual Premiums
Annual premiums for respective annual coverage amounts (includes GST)
Please see Illustration 1 below for discounted annual premiums for a family.

Only one overall coverage cap per plan – helps us to track the cost of benefits we would like to claim as long as it is within the total coverage we purchased. For example, if you purchased a $1 million sum insured, you can utilise the 8 services in any proportion (which will be available for usage, depending on the stages of recovery), till the total amount of cost usage reaches your $1 million sum insured.

Cashless payment – through the AXA Assistance Network, one will not need to pay upfront cash payments.

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