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When John Travolta started as Tony Manero in the movie, Saturday Night Fever, it was one movie that would define a generation. When we saw these dance moves in Saturday Night Fever its true to say it changed the way we would dance forever. Now, we can relive the 70’s disco era as Saturday Night Fever the musical arrives in Singapore.


Saturday Night Fever the musical is currently showing at MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands. With the two lead actors, Brandon Rubendall (Tony Manero) and Jenna Rubaii (Stephanie Mangano) being joined by a cast from both USA and Manila.

The date is 1976, we are in Brooklyn, New York where a 19 year old Tony Manero is stuck in a dead end job and has only ambition in life; to become the Disco King!  He pairs up with Stephanie, who also dreams of a world beyond Brooklyn, and the pair train together, to dance at the upcoming ‘2001 disco dance competition’, their lives begin to change forever.


It has to be said that Brandon Rubendall (Tony) has tons of energy, and there are few scenes when he doesn’t take centre stage, be it with his slick dance moves to his incredible singing – he most definitely has the ‘full package’!  In fact, the whole cast have an energy, both on the dance floor and in singing voice, that truly brings to life the iconic Bee Gees soundtrack.

Expect 70’s flares, eye-popping shirts, dazzling choreography in this high energy show where you will be tapping along to and even strutting your disco stuff, come the finale, to 70’s anthems such as; Stayin’ Alive, Night Fever, Jive Talking, You Should Be Dancing and How Deep is Your Love.  

Is Saturday Night Fever the musical for kids?  We will add that there is some ‘language‘ present and it is a shame that the ‘F*ing‘ cannot be toned down for the matinee performance, when perhaps our children could enjoy Saturday Night Fever the musical in Singapore too.

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Saturday Night Fever the musical is at Sands Theatre, MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands now until 4th October 2015.

Show times :

  • Tuesday to Friday at 8pm
  • Saturday at 2pm and 8pm
  • Sunday at 1pm to 6pm

Get 1-for-1 tickets for Sands Rewards Members (valid to 4th Oct, applicable for ALL categories and ALL show dates) tickets must be purchased at Marina Bay Sands Box Office.

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