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I am sure I speak for all you Mamas in saying that we have all experienced communication problems with bubba. We become increasingly frustrated due to sheer lack of understanding exactly what bubba needs/wants/or is experiencing. Of course, their frustrations grow into tantrums simply because of their inability to express themselves.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could talk to babies, communicate and reassure them that we do understand their language even before they can talk….



Wanting to know more about this method of communication with babies, we were invited to see a Baby Signs class in action.  Kate from Baby Signs Singapore explains, “Baby Signs do not replace words, in fact, they teach the development of language too”.

It’s proven that parents or caregivers who regularly use Baby Signs are far more vocal with their children, thus helping the learning process move forward.

The class we sat in on, located over on the East Coast, consisted of babies from 5 months old to 18 months old, along with their Mamas or caregivers. The session teacher, Kate, immediately grabbed the interest of the little ones with the welcome song that was signed by Beebo the Baby Signs Bear.

As we moved onto the topic of the class (in this class it was – getting dressed), Beebo signs simple words that relate to the topic.

Each course, consisting of 6 consecutive classes, covers 6 topics. The first module of classes teaches signs to be used in a simple day-to-day routine like mealtime, bedtime, bath time, getting dressed, pets and outings to the park. Learning in a fun and interactive way by using the Baby Signs Bear, songs and other concept toys all help to keep baby involved and enforce the learning.

With classes aimed at children from 4 to 24 months old, the results and speed of learning the Baby Signs really does depend on the age of your child and at which point you start your first course.

For example:-

• You and your 4 month old will take longer to see results due to the physical capabilities of your child – though your baby is likely to do hand signs at an earlier age by your simply incorporating Baby Signs into the daily routine.

• Whereas a baby between 8 and 12 months will be seen to learn and perform the Baby Signs quite quickly, this is due to the closeness of them being physically able to sign and their, already, comprehension of simple words.

Of course, the more progress a baby shows the more motivated we, as adults, will become. What’s more, Baby Signs do not need stop when your child is 12 months old, continued use will see less frustration when faced with their inability to express themselves and, therefore, less tantrums for us to deal with!

Baby Signs

Kate, along with the team of Baby Signs teachers here in Singapore, can conduct courses for children aged 4 – 24 months. Locations are dependent on finding a host/ess who will happily open-up their home to a group of 6 – 8 adults (and their bubbas).

Personally, as a mama of 2 wonderful boys, 12 years old and 10 years old, I can think back to their baby years when we experienced these very same communication frustrations. If only I could have understood more quickly and they could have expressed themselves, many tears would have been avoided.

I for one find it truly fascinating and, having spoken to parents who have taken part in and used the Baby Signs method, these classes really are a fabulous start and are invaluable for the growing and developmental years.

To leave you lovely Mamas with one last thought on Baby Signs…

“signing is to talking as crawling is to walking”

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