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Remember how you fell in love at first bite? There was something different about that fluffy chiffon cake with its pockets of air or that chicken pie cradled by a golden shell that almost seemed to have been kissed by the sun. The secret lies in these unbelievable pastries and dishes is butter!

Butter binds and blends ingredients, adds extra layers of fragrance to a dish, and SCS Butter has been trusted by professional chefs and homecooks since 1905 (That’s 110 years!) to do this job. Whenever my ‘Ah-mah’ (Hokkien for grandmother) buys ‘gu-yu’ (Hokkien for butter), it’s always SCS or nothing! So what makes SCS Butter different from the rest? Being made from the freshest 100% Australian grass-fed cows’ milk with no preservatives, additives, colourings and hormones added, and combined with its double-churning process, SCS Butter is a pure gold bar of creamy goodness with none of the junk. Did you know that butter is full of Vitamin A, D, E and K too?
Left: Chef Siti, Right: Blogger Fiona Lau
Left: Chef Siti, Right: Blogger Fiona Lau
To commerate its 110 years as everyone’s culinary butter half, loyal fans will be rewarded with culinary classes with celebrity bakers; Chef Siti or Blogger Fiona Lau. Simply purchase three blocks of butter at a promotional price of S$11.95 and submit an entry form downloaded from SCS Dairy, accompanied with your original receipt as proof of purchase. Entries can be sent in via email or snail mail with details below and must be submitted before 17 July 2015 to qualify for this lucky draw.

Email: [email protected]
Mail: Auric Pacific Marketing Pte Ltd, 2 Enterprise Road, Singapore 629814.


“Make Baking Fun Together” Facebook Contest
SCS Butter is all about family togetherness too and they’ve got another contest for you! Now until 15 July 2015, just submit photographs of your family baking together with SCS Butter at SCS Dairy’s Facebook Page and stand to win a baking kit worth S$128 (4 sets to be given). The grand prize of a Kitchen Aid mixer worth S$1,018 is up for grabs too. In need of recipes? Just look to their SCS, Chef Siti and Blogger Fiona Lau for inspirations.

Butter hurry up and spread the news!

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