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BEKO brand launch in Singapore - Product showcase, fridge with special rice compartment (red colour) 


As we all become more aware of how our actions are having an effect on the world, we are striving to make changes and are, in turn, becoming more eco-conscious.  We are being called the ‘Smart Generation’.

It’s the small things that can make the biggest changes. For example, when we purchase new home appliances we look for the best energy saving features. These energy efficient appliances are not only saving us money in running costs but are consuming lower energy levels thus making them eco-friendly.

There are many home appliance brands promising to be energy efficient but, these are not powered by Smart Innovation. Beko is the difference that today’s Smart Generation needs.

20140415- Beko

Beko is a leading global home appliances brand from Europe, they produce the top selling refrigerator in Western Europe and the brand is currently sold in over 100 countries worldwide.  The Beko range includes:-


As every household keeps their refrigerators turned on 24 hours a day it must have energy saving features. Beko’s refrigerators come with A+++ and A++ energy ratings, the equivalent of Singapore’s 4-tick standard which is an excellent rating for energy efficiency.

Washing Machines:-

Beko’s washing machines are one of the most energy saving in the market, consuming 10% less energy than the A+++ energy class level. The Beko washing machine is graded with the equivalent to the 3-tick standard of Singapore.

The AquaFusion™ technology in Beko washing machines enables 10% savings in detergent for every wash.

Washer Dryers:-

These combo machines feature The Air Cool Technology that helps families save approximately 7,000 liters of water annually, more than any similar product from other brands in the market. Their ‘heat-pump’ dryer range achieves 60% lower energy consumption compared to even A class models from other brands.

Exciting ‘Star Products’ in the Beko range include:-

The ice-cream making refrigerator – this refrigerator features the market’s first automatic ice cream making compartment. Families can enjoy preservative –free and additive-free ice cream at home. (Model : DN 162220DJIZX / RCP : S$1888)

Rice-storing refrigerator – Awarded “Innovative Product of the Year 2012” this refrigerator features a compartment that can store rice in optimum conditions. This unit also includes a ‘holiday’ mode that will keep the refrigerator and freezer running in the most energy efficient way when users are away for a long period of time. (Model : CFF 6873GR/RCP : S$1299)

We can now see Beko’s refrigerators, washing machines, dryers and dishwashers available at various retail outlets including Courts Megastore, Courts Causeway Point and Courts Jurong Point.

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