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Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Treats this Holiday Season

CBTL Christmas 2013 - The Coffee Bean Card

CBTL Christmas 2013 - The Coffee Bean Card


At Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ® they really are making all of our wishes come true this Holiday Season. With so many Seasonal treats on offer, we simply have to celebrate the CB&TL way this year.

Double Chocolate Peppermint Latte, or Red Velvet Cocoa paired with signature Christmas cakes like Blackberry Meringue Delight or Mixed Nut Toblerone Cheesecake…yummmmm! We think we and our Bubbas should go share something really yummy and get the taste of Christmas sometime very soon!

Of course it is! We already have so little time to spend with Bubba that every helping hand in the kitchen area is very much appreciated. Thankfully, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf are preparing our Christmas sweet treats for us this year, buy whole cakes or pastry packs online and receive a $10 discount.

CBTL Christmas 2013 Holiday Cakes

Impress your guests with these specially prepared Holiday cakes and treats:-

Classic log cake – a whirl of dark chocolate mousse encased in a light vanilla Swiss roll coated in rich mocha ganache.

Blackberry Meringue Delight – frozen blackberry fruit filling and a cloud of toasted meringue.

Chocolate Noisette – CB&TL classic brownie filled with strawberry jam and hazelnut.

Mixed nut Toblerone Cheesecake – irresistible mixed nut cheesecake embedded with Toblerone triangles.

Christmas Cupcakes – Nostalgia springs to mind as we taste cupcakes just like mum used to make! Available in packs of 20, chocolate chip, butter, raisin and marble.

Christmas Party Pack – there’s 20 in a pack and a mix of stolen, fruitcake, chocolate chip and chocolate noisette.

Cashew Nut Fruit Cake – a scrumptious serving of mixed fruits and cashew nut.

Macadamia Nut Jam Tart – a buttery pastry filled with a mélange of ground macadamia nut, layered with raspberry jam.

Cranberry and Nuts Panettone – The traditional Italian holiday bread filled with raisins and nuts with a citrusy orange flavor and covered in white chocolate.

Santa’s Gingerbread House – not forgetting the most memorable of childhood memories, the gingerbread house decked with sweet candy…every child’s dream!
To order your festive goodies and cakes and receive a S$10.00 discount on retail price, buy online at coffeebean.com.sg

CBTL Christmas 2013 Holiday BeveragesTo Finish, let us temp you with some yummy beverages:-

Double Chocolate Peppermint Ice Blended
Decadent dark chocolate with a cool peppermint yumminess
Sml S$6.80, reg S$7.80, lrg S$8.30

Double Chocolate Peppermint Latte
Dark chocolate with a hint of peppermint
Sml S$6.60, reg S$7.10, lrg S$7.60

Toffee Nut Ice Blended
Buttery flavor of caramelized sugar and a hint of nut combination with coffee for a sweet treat
Sml S$6.80, reg S$7.80, lrg S$8.30

Toffee Nut Latte
Butter flavor of caramelized sugar and a hint of nut with steamed milk and espresso.
Sml S$6.60, reg S$7.10, lrg S$7.60

Red Velvet Cocoa (hot or iced)
Sweet, creamy and chocolate-y flavor of a red velvet cupcake.
Sml S$6.00, reg S$6.50, lrg S$7.00

Peppermint Stick Latte
Sweet, creamy peppermint and vanilla flavor combined with black tea and steamed milk.
Sml S$5.80, reg S$6.30, lrg S$6.80

The season of giving is made easy with CB&TL…help them with their charity campaign by either purchasing a ‘Deck the Tree’ gift at S$3.00 with full proceeds going to the Singapore Children’s Society or purchase a gift card for a loved one, S$28.00 with $2.00 going to the Singapore Children’s Society.

Merry Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Season and maybe we’ll see you at one of the many outlets in Singapore as we sip our way through the tempting beverages and munch our way through the glorious cakes.

Happy Holidays!

For more information visit:-
coffeebean.com.sg or cbtl.com.sg
Facebook users can ‘LIKE’ cbtl on their Facebook page.

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