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Spring Season is always a good time to clear out the clutter and take the chance for a good old Spring Clean. This Spring Cleaning Season, we decided to tackle our store room and spend some time sorting through the clutter. By using a few simple de-cluttering tips, we have rediscovered order into our junk room and have found some useful Extra Space.

Sorting through the Clutter

  1. Make space available for easy sorting – four separate areas like To Sell, To Store, To Use, To Throw – use large cardboard boxes if you have, if not then something like the empty laundry basket or big black rubbish bin bags being clearly labeled will do the job too.
  2. Start slowly and sort through the clutter of each storage box, each shelf, each cupboard one at a time. If you are doing a big scale de-clutter then allow your self one room a day or two rooms per weekend (overdoing it will only tire you and you will quickly lose the motivation to continue!)
  3. Once you have a section of rubbish to throw away (dispose of), you need to sort through this for anything that can be recycled. Take these recyclable items down to your local recycling point (old cardboard boxes, broken paper decorations and chipped or spoiled glass items can all be recycled easily). Bag everything else and dispose of it quickly.
  4. Next let’s move on to the items we intent to make use of. Move these items into the room they will be used and make them easily accessible – if they are away in the back of the wardrobe or cupboard then you will forget them and they will again start to gather dust and go unused for months again.
  5. Which items are you going to sell? Place them in a nice light and take good photos of the items, sale items with photos stand a much high chance of being snapped up by a purchaser. Check the items you intend to sell – if anything is broken or missing parts or pieces then it is no good for anyone – just dispose of it. Decide on your price and get online and get it up for sale, remember to include your email address or hand phone number for ease of interested buyers contacting you.
  6. Finally, we have a lot of things we want to store. These include items like seasonal decorations, luggage items, keepsakes, memories and photographs, we pack these into sturdy boxes or protective bags. Because, we simply don’t have the space at home for storing these, we decided to use a nearby self storage unit – Extra Space Self Storage.



No Extra Space at Home? No Problem!

Now we have all our clutter sorted, we keep some items that need to be stored. Our intention is to make our old and cluttered storage room into a light and airy laundry room so we don’t want to fill it with boxes and bags and items we only use for a few weeks just once a year.

In searching for alternative options of storage, we were happy to be introduced to Extra Space. Extra Space currently have 5 storage facilities in Singapore so we were able to find one close to us that would be convenient. Extra Space offers storage units of various sizes, air con or non-air con spaces and also has storage units specifically for wine storage. Once we have chosen our unit size and condition, we are all set to store are belongings.

Car parking is complimentary and the available loading bays make our unloading of the car easy. We can use the trolleys provided by Extra Space which have a loading capacity of 400kg and, as the lifts are of adequate size, our trip from unloading to our storage unit is quick and problem free. All we need to add on is our own personal padlock, this is just an added security feature and gives us a ‘key’ to our storage unit.

Security is not an issue, we choose our personal pin-code that has three primary functions;

  1. Grants entrance and exit to the Extra Space facility,
  2. Controls the lighting i.e. turns on the light when we enter and turns the lights off when we exit)
  3. It enables and disables our individual storage unit alarm.

Security is on guard throughout the evenings and nights and there is recorded cctv too. Extra Space is accessible 24 hours o, should we have surprise guests and need those extra chairs we left in storage, it’s not a problem!

Extra Space offer insurance options to suit our needs also. We opt for the minimum (compulsory) cover of $1,000 insured items and this costs $3 per month (before GST). However, if you are storing valuables then you can be insured up to a maximum of $50,000 at a cost of just $50 per month (before GST).

For more tips and tricks to decluttering, see our earlier related post HERE

Do watch out for our follow up on this de-cluttering feature which leads to us finding a light and airy useful space!

For more information about Extra Space Self Storage, visit their website


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