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Detox Your Scalp for Fabulous Hair




We’ve all experienced those ‘bad hair days’ and vowed to stick to a regime of weekly hair masks to improve our locks.  The time does come though, when conditioner and weekly masks really are not enough and it’s high-time you booked your scalp in for a detox!

We recently went along to PHS Hair Science at their outlet in Wheelock Place to experience their award-winning Detox Restorative Spa Treatment and can assure you that you will, as we did, see and feel the difference immediately.


The Detox Restorative Spa Treatment, as with all PHS Hair Science treatments, was develped by a trichologist and uses a professional range of trichological products.  It combines deep cleansing properties with hair regenerating benefits, making it a doubly effective hair loss treatment.

Our consultant started off by looking at the condition of our scalp, using a 300% magnified camera.  At this stage the consultant can easily see any problem areas and recommend any specific treatment needs as necessary.

During the Detox Restorative Spa Treatment we were made comfortable and asked to sit back and enjoy the refreshing and detoxification treatment as our therapist began :-

– Firstly, the therapist uses a gentle brushing technique that stimulates and prepares the scalp and hair.

– Only premium graded ingredients like Orange Peel Extracts, Sechium Edule Fruit Extracts and Helichrysum Extracts are used in the treatment.  We immediately felt our scalp refreshed during this detoxification process.

– An enjoyable and completely relaxing 3 point shoulder massage is then applied prior to shampooing of our hair.

The cosy room, comfortable massage chair and chance to catch a movie, on the provided ipad, are the ultimate indulgence while you sit back and let the experienced therapist tend to your tresses.

Detox Restorative Spa Treatment

Duration : 150 minutes

Price : S$348

As a compliment to the ‘in-house’ treatments, the PHS Hair Science ‘at-home’ hair care products will also be launching very soon and will be available through their e-store.  Find products from the PRO Range such as the Hair Loss Tonic in 100ml package priced at S$338.


Our tips to maintain your gorgeous crowning glory

Once your’ve got your regular detox treatment scheduled in, you need to know a few tips to keep hair looking absolutely fabulous:-

– In humid Singapore, your scalp will sweat and therefore requires daily, or at the least every two days, washing.

– Protect your hair as you would your skin.  Choose a leave-in product with UV filters and wear a hat / protect with an umbrella if you will be in the sun for more than 30 minutes.

– Choose shampoo, conditioner, mask, leave-in product and styling product that are suitable for your hair and scalp condition.

PHS(Professional Holistic Solutions) Hair Science
also formerly known as Phyto Hair Science. 
Branches: Ngee Ann City, Plaza Singapura and Wheelock Place
Please visit their website for more information phshairscience.com
Like their official page on Facebook at facebook.com/PHS-Hair-Science
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