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Essilor Launches a New Benchmark for Managing Eye Performance

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We want our little bubbas to enjoy life to the fullness. That is why it’s so important for them to have good eyesight!

Data from Health Promotion Board and Singapore National Eye Centre show that about 65% of children in Singapore are myopic by the time they reach 12 years old. The numbers increase to 80% when they reach 18 years old. Besides affecting learning in school or playing sports, high myopia also increase the risks of degenerative eye conditions such as retinal detachment, cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma. These risks are not mitigated by refractive surgery like Lasik and can cause visual impairment or blindness altogether.

Regular Checks

Essilor eye check kids
A child taking an eye examination with WAM700plus, state of the art instrument by Essilor.

The good news is, myopia can be managed with regular eye checks and proper eye care.

Prescription glasses are the simplest option to correct myopia. But the traditional prescription process can be long and it’s hard to get little kids to sit through them. It’s also not easy to get little children to sit still in a dark room with the optician and tell them which lenses give them the clearest vision.

Essilor, together with Videre, wants to change that with its new equipment. It provides faster, more accurate readings on not only your prescription, but also includes key indicators of eye health. Instead of going through multiple equipement which can take up to an hour in the past, Easilor’s new Wave Analyzer Medica 700+, WAM 700+ in short, can provide 7-in-1 test results measuring prescription, eye pressure, day and night vision etc, as well as quick screening for cataract in just 90 seconds.

Chen Han Wei test Videre with essilor
Chen Han Wei testing out the Vision-R 800 instrument at Videre.

Videre also provides consultation with a lifestyle questionnaire to better understand your individual vision needs. Combining these detailed eye test results and a better understanding of your lifestyle will facilitate a more personalized vision solution.

One of the new equipments is the Vision-R 800 phoropter that makes refraction more precise. This machine is the first of its kind in Asia. With the Vision-R 800, opticians will be able to prescribe glasses more accurately. Without needing the patient to tell them which lens look clearer.

If you’re looking for eye care solutions, you may want to head down to Videre at Forum Shopping Center, level one.

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Photo Credit: Essilor Singapore

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