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Ex Miss Singapore Eunice Olsen launches an online portal to share inspiring stories of Asian women to empower other women.  WomenTalk was Conceived in 2011, produced and hosted by Ms Olsen- a woman who wears many hats- she is also an ex-Nominated Member of Parliament of Singapore, presenter and social advocate.

The website is expected to showcase short video interviews featuring Asian women who lead ordinary lives who do extraordinary things. Readers can also upload videos of inspiring stories of other women to share on, contribute to crowd-funding the featured women and learn interviewing tips to be hosts.

“The mission of WomenTalk is simple yet powerful: to create a community driven by similar ideals of empowerment of women while serving as a resource and platform that can influence women think and live,” said Ms Olsen.

Each video is in a 3 to 7 minute lifestyle interview format, featuring compelling and moving true personal accounts of Asian women who made a difference in the lives of others around them.  Some of these women have overcome personal perils or adversity in life, while others choose to pursue their passion and beliefs.  These videos end with their opinions of what empowerment means to them, helping viewers find their own interpretations of empowerment.

L-R: Ms Haslinah Yacob (A rape victim at 18 who found strength to become an activist to help other rape victim at a shelter she starter), Ms Lena Sim (was abandoned by her parents at birth and raised by her grandmother, despite her predicament, she emerged a self-made business woman), Ms Eunice Olsen, Ms Yip Pin Xiu (was born with mascular dystrophy and lost the ability to walk at eleven, despite her disability, she won Singapore’s first gold medal at Beijing Paralympics). aims to release 24 videos over 3 seasons in a year.  Each of these featured women will be given a dedicated page on so that viewers can share their comments and views. There is also an opt-in crowd-funding option that allows viewer to donate via Paypal to help these women with their cause or to a charitable organization chosen by them. went life with four videos, remaining four videos of season 1 would be uploaded every alternate Sunday starting from 25th August 2013.


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