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Farewell Ades!

Today is Adrain’s last day…. Well not exactly but I think I will still be in touch with him. I bid him farewell with a heavy heart, he is my buddy at work when I first came into SMRT. I must admit, I didn’t like him when I first came in, that scrawny looking guy who is always clocking in 18 hours a day at work… What is he doing, trying to make me look bad by staying late when the bosses are the ones who leave late too? LoL, as I grew with the company, my friendship with Ades blossom because I also started clicking 18 hours work day (to the extend that I neglected Mr Lam and hence he started exploring outside our relationship). Ades as we call him was my spiritual buddy at work when I feel down and stressed from work. He supports me by giving me advice and a shoulder to cry on when I need it. 20121005-020613.jpg Today we threw him a farewell dinner and a emo Karaoke session(he’s so dear to us that we threw him a farewell lunch 2 weeks ago and a dinner today).

Me, Peiqian, Adrian & Kenny (our boss)


Ades, we’re gonna miss you! And no we won’t cry but we’ll still harass you ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. intersting blog x hope you keep going

    regards mark

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