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How to Tame a Bubba at the Dinner Table


When we were celebrating Mama Dee’s birthday in Metis Restaurant in Bali last May, I saw this Caucasian family eating very stresslessly even though they had a toddler with them.  Singaporean parents are usually very uptight at dinner tables and will feed their children or let their helpers do the feeding.  This is so to avoid public embarrassment as we all know children like to play with their food or take an extended time to eat.  I thought it would make good sense to leave Bubba to ‘eat’ on his own in future to teach him how to be more independent.  It also gives me the opportunity to enjoy my food and be present with the person I am dining with.  In doing so, it means I am giving him the go ahead to mess up the table or with himself (which I find it cute sometimes).

Anyhow, 2 weeks ago, Mama Dee brought Janet (from NYC), Evan and I to Tanjong Beach Club (TBC) for brunch.

Mama Dee driving BubbaMama to TBC
Mama Dee & Bubba Evan
Mama Dee & Bubba Evan
Mama Dee telling Bubba to behave


During brunch, bubba did the usual thing, grabbing everything he can lay his hands on and ‘making music’ with them.  I guess if we cant beat them join them in the making of music.


I have to constantly tell myself that its ok for bub to play with food and it will give him an opportunity to learn to be independent.

After brunch, we went out to enjoy the sea breeze and some sun
Bubba & Mama dancing to the music

The music for ‘Smack My Beach Up’ was pretty loud so I had ear plugs in bub’s ears.

Bubba fell asleep on Mama Dee’s bag after the swim in the sea & the pool

After Bubba woke up, we headed out to Vivocity Jpot for dinner.  You can see Bubba really like to play at the dinner table.

Thank you Mama Dee for giving me my own bowl
Here comes the flying bowl

It fits my face

Mama Dee taught me an important lesson which is to let bub ‘eat’ on his own (with the decoy bowl filled with a lil food just for play) while intermittently feeding him while I m eating.  Keeps him occupied and I can actually eat my dinner (and I don’t have to appear like an unglam and unsexy mother wearing a look of exasperation on my face. You rock Mama Dee!

A teddy bear got injured in the War Zone beneath Bubba

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Comments 2

  1. Cindy Chew says:

    Way to go Mama! That’s the spirit! And children can feel your supportiveness so bubba will be more confident to face the whole wide world cuz he knows you have his back. 🙂

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