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Fast & Furious in Singapore Day 2

McLaren Drivers

Nagae and I bumped into Jenson Button at the hotel lobby when we came back after lunch.

My BFF Nagae & Jensen Button

The heat was punishing so we decided to hang out by the pool and while we were swimming under the water, we could hear the cars getting ready for the qualifying. We had to get ready really early as we were headed for the garage and pit tour.

Nagae & I took a slow walk to the Paddock Club

Although it was a slow walk to the Paddock’s, we were hot and sweaty by the time we go suite. We didn’t even go into the suite and were whisked away to the garage tour.

Susie & I posing before the garage tour briefing
All ear during the garage tour briefing

During the garage tour briefing, the guide highlighted that the McLaren crew works on European time (because it’s a night race) and Conrad has supported them by extending the meal times to accommodate them (they get off at 3am when everyone is either asleep or partying the night away). Ample rest and good food is paramount to optimum performance for an intense sport like the Formula One.

McLaren crew behind the garage
Look at those HUGE wheels!
Just before we entered the garage
Nagae posing for me
Jenson Button & Lewis Hamilton’s garage
Lewis Hamilton’s Car


It was impossible to hear anything except the revving sound of the car and somehow it appears to be music to the car enthusiastics. In my opinion it is the engines’ way of communicating with the engineers (this way they will know if the car can perform and last throughout the race).

This is as close as I can get to a real formula one car 🙂

Hey Nagae! There’s too many people in the background! Snap again!

Sadly, we can’t ask the cleaners to move (so that I can have a nice pic), we couldn’t do retakes as we were on a tight schedule.

See! I took a nicer photo of you Nagae 🙂
Mr Grafe of Conrad who hosted us generously

When the garage tour ended, we climbed 3 flights of stairs back to the suite to get some A.C but we didn’t enter again. This time, it was for the ‘Pit Lane Walk’… what can I complain about??!! The ‘Pit Lane Walk’ does seem more attractive to me than nice cold air on my face and already wet dress.

Pirelli Crew

Nagae! This looks like an advertisement for Singtel! So appropriate for the race!

I am smiling but really… I am melting inside!

By the time we got back to the Paddock’s suite, I was totally drained from the heat and the walk. We quickly settle down took a bite and listened fanvision to qualifying commentary.

Watching the race needs way too much multi tasking skills
That’s what I mean… drinking, listening, watching the Fanvision and also the track

I had some free time to go on the simulator and I enjoyed myself in it mainly because Max who is my personal coach was there to guide through the chicane and turns. I did pretty well this time round as compared to the first time I was in the simulator (2009 Hugo Boss event).

Max guiding me through the track
Jenson Button again… twice in a day 😉
Our ride to Stadium Circle Line to catch Maroon 5
Stadium Station
We are that far away

Though we couldn’t see Adam Levine, we could hear him :

We were 30 minutes late for the Maroon 5 concert because of the long walk from the Paddock’s Club but I caught what I need to catch, Stereo Hearts, Payphone and She Will be Loved. That was enough to make my night the bestest night ever.

Here’s a clip for those who have missed the concert.


How i end the night
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Comments 5

  1. dblchin says:

    although I’m not into cars but it seems like a lot of fun!

    • Bubba & Mama says:

      It’s fun because It’s the Paddock Club. A lot of food, alcohol and entertainment at the club 😉

    • Bubba & Mama says:

      It was fun because it’s the Paddock experience with lotsa good food, alcohol and entertainment. There’s even 3 stars Jean George there too 😉

  2. Johnny says:

    It seems you take better photos than your friend…. your composition is better.

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