The Singapore Curse caused the skid marks on the Tarmac

Every year, we are usually late or we’ll just be just on the dot before the race starts. This year, we made our way to the Paddocks earlier as Gabriel wanted to do the garage tour because he missed it on the qualifying day. Every year during the Formula One, there will be accidents at […]

Fast & Furious in Singapore Day 2

Nagae and I bumped into Jenson Button at the hotel lobby when we came back after lunch. The heat was punishing so we decided to hang out by the pool and while we were swimming under the water, we could hear the cars getting ready for the qualifying. We had to get ready really early […]

How did we end up at the Paddock Club?

Every september, I look forward to the F1 race, not just for the fact that it is my annual routine must-do with my best friend Gabriel whom although we spend little time together because of our professional lives, but also because each September, a new experience and sudden unexpected outcomes from it always happen – […]