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How did we end up at the Paddock Club?

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Every september, I look forward to the F1 race, not just for the fact that it is my annual routine must-do with my best friend Gabriel whom although we spend little time together because of our professional lives, but also because each September, a new experience and sudden unexpected outcomes from it always happen – be it good or bad.

The Paddock Club tickets

I had expected this year to be rather an emotional one simply for the fact that Gabriel will be relocating to the UK to embark on his new chapter of his life as he wants to begin a new direction for his career goals and whilst I am heavy hearted, I know it is what is best for him and I need to give him my blessings.  We may not be able to make it an annual routine event to look forward to anymore as I am not sure if his new work schedule can allow it.  To this possible ending of our ‘annual thingie’, a new beginning is dawning, not just for him but also for myself.  So many things have happened this couple of months that have given me so much insight into the human condition and also the self-awareness I needed to empower myself to bring myself to the next level in life.

Gabriel had spent 3 hours on the Sistic website on the day tickets were made available to ensure that we got best seats and he managed to secure really premium Pit Grandstand seats located at the finishing line!

Amazingly, God has his plans!  Unbelievably, Gabriel received an email telling him that he had won the Hilton F1 GP Sweepstakes – the prizes were accommodation for the 4 nights at the Conrad Centennial, a pair of tickets to the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Paddock Club, return airfare from his location then and a limousine pickup up to and back from the race and 100,000 Hilton membership points credited to his Hilton Diamond Membership Account.

Knowing Gabriel all too well, he had initially thought it was email scam and tried to get confirmation of this win and lo and behold, Hilton’s Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships Mr Greg Klem personally informed him that the marketing companies that handles this for them, Right Formula Sports Marketing and The Marketing Arm were indeed legitimate and he had indeed won!

Updates about the event to come!  Watch this space…..

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