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How to get Happyments that Everyone is Looking For


Definition of Happyments: Happy Moments
There are a 6 essential tips we can do to bring about the above; 
EAT HEALTHY: For good health, maintain a healthy weight and have a healthy self esteem by eating right.  Starting young at a tender age (espcially in school for children) can cultivate good healthy habits.
SLEEP WELL: With good rest, this would ensure you for better moods and better appearance.
EXERCISE: For overall wellness, so you have better stamina and endurance and a healthy mind and body.  The best insurance is Healthy Lifestyle, an insurance not even the world’s wealth can buy health. 
CONTENTMENT: Do the things you love, otherwise life would be such a drag.
LAUGH: be light hearted and laugh at lil things in life- ‘Laughter is the best Medication’
BALANCE: have a balanced life, so there is a time and place for everything, including the things you love to do.

Having said that, a few corporate entities have identify this approach this to a happier population, Philips engaged The ‘+’ Project successfully in Indonesia and Thailand.  They have started engaging Singaporeans to vote for the best idea (among 5 ideas) which will elevate the awareness of personal health and well-being.  Philips will invest $50, 000 USD materialise the best idea voted by Singaporeans.

The ‘+’ Project

There are the ‘Take Care’ installation at Raffles City and Raffles Place to invite the general public to vote.

Take Care installation outside Raffles City
You are what you eat, I believe in Healthy Diet!
Take care of ourselves

Do you part by participating in a survey at http://www2.yourhealthandwellbeing.asia/singapore/ to help others obtain Happyments.  With these essentials in your life, these would definitely bring you the happiness and allow you to have good moments.  Wishing you many Happyments with your loved ones!

5 ways to increase happiness 

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