Skechers Expands Podiatrist-Certified GOwalk Arch Fit Footwear Range For Enhanced Arch Support

Leading sports and lifestyle brand SKECHERS introduces new styles in its podiatrist-certified footwear range, GOwalk Arch Fit, developed with total foot and arch support benefits for all-day comfort. The new collection for both men and women includes new sneaker styles and colours, along with casual shoes available as crossover, flip-flop or strap sandals. The patented […]

Introducing NATURALBOOM – the World’s First Brain-boosting Health Drink

NATURALBOOM health drink in can being opened outdoors

We all know that a healthy lifestyle requires a proper diet to support the body’s nutritional needs — we know the value of eating our greens, whole grains, fruits, and lean meat. Nonetheless, it’s not only the body that you can nourish with the food and beverages that you consume — but you can also […]

HUAWEI Health Lab opens to explore sports and health innovation in wearable technology

computer screen showing a posture capture at the HUAWEI Health Lab

Smart wearables, also known as wearable technology, are these portable gadgets that help us with our daily tasks — from basic computing functions to unique health-tracking services. With their versatile and practical functions, they have slowly become indispensable in most people’s fitness regimen. Transforming the way we workout, the popularity of devices such as smartwatches […]

EMBRACE DYSLEXIA – The Positive Side of a Learning Difference


EMBRACE DYSLEXIA – The Positive Side of a Learning Difference: Ask any parent of a child with dyslexia, “is there a positive side to dyslexia?” and you can be fairly sure they would say that there were few positives about having a learning difference. Dyslexia is a brain-based learning difference that affects an individual’s ability […]

Travel to OSIM Paradise with OSIM uLove 2 (4手天王)


OSIM uLove 2 Massages You with not one but TWO Masseurs! Many of us mommies barely have any energy left after we are done with our mommy duties and the chores – it is a drudgery to even leave home to have our me-time. Having the OSIM uLove 2 at home is a luxury many […]

Why Drinking Infused Water is GOOD for You? 

Our body is made up of about 75% of water and many of us don’t drink enough water to hydrate ourselves. In our hot weather, we should be drinking more and it is hard to do that because normal water is boring and doesn’t taste good. Many of us turn to soft drinks because it […]

5 Reasons to Drink Kombucha

5 reasons to drink kombucha

Benefits of Drinking Kombucha So, here we discuss 5 reasons to drink kombucha A few years ago, my interest in Kombucha was piqued by Fresh Black Tea skincare launch as they shared the benefits of drinking Kombucha. It was a mysterious drink in Singapore as not many people knew about it because it is not […]

dr. MCT®, the New Super Fuel for a Balanced Lifestyle


Find your personal pace. Find The Balance, Feel The Difference. We often complain and feel lack of energy juggling motherhood, work and multi-tasking as a super woman. As a modern mummy, we are often taxed physically, mentally and emotionally from all directions – work and family. Our body work overtime to keep up with the […]