EMBRACE DYSLEXIA – The Positive Side of a Learning Difference

EMBRACE DYSLEXIA – The Positive Side of a Learning Difference: Ask any parent of a child with dyslexia, “is there a positive side to dyslexia?” and you can be fairly sure they would say that there were few positives about having a learning difference. Dyslexia is a brain-based learning difference that affects an individual’s ability […]

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Top 3 Hotspots for Outdoor Family Photo Shoots in Singapore

Eternalise these picture-perfect moments with your little ones at these top 3 picks all families must visit in Singapore. As young parents with our little ones, we always seize up to every opportunity in capturing the picture-perfect moments on our weekly family day outings. While we don our beautiful smiles for the camera, it may […]

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DrHair Total Regenerative Scalp System

DrHair – The Promise of Fuller and More Luscious Hair

From baldness to dandruff, oily hair to hair loss, scalp issues are more common than most people think. Many people have at least one scalp-related problem at some point in their lives, with medical professionals reporting that baldness is becoming more common with those in their 20s. We spoke to Dr Eileen Lee, Operations Director […]

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hair fix for hair loss by svenson

Hair Fix for Hair Loss by Svenson

Leading trichology specialist, Svenson launched the latest technological advances with its new innovation, Plasma Regen Hair Therapy developed with non- thermal atmospheric-pressure plasma and ultrasound in a two-pronged applied science approach to hair loss, complemented by its hair enhancement service from South Korea, HairFix, that gives instant visible density and volume to hair. Plasma Regen […]

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The Dyslexic Child : 3 Facts about Learning Languages

  3 FACTS ABOUT LEARNING LANGUAGES : DYSLEXIA AND LEARNING NEW LANGUAGES By Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) ‘s – Lois Lim BM – Particularly in Singapore – How does the dyslexic child cope with grandparents speaking one or more dialects while their parents will speak English. DAS – A child with dyslexia being exposed to […]

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