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Hair Fix for Hair Loss by Svenson

hair fix for hair loss by svenson

Leading trichology specialist, Svenson launched the latest technological advances with its new innovation, Plasma Regen Hair Therapy developed with non- thermal atmospheric-pressure plasma and ultrasound in a two-pronged applied science approach to hair loss, complemented by its hair enhancement service from South Korea, HairFix, that gives instant visible density and volume to hair.

Plasma Regen Hair Therapy treats troubled scalp and thinning hair through its state-of-the-art device that sanitizes the scalp and stimulates hair growth; while Korea-founded hair enhancement technique, HairFix, gives instant real results for fuller hair density and volume. We talked to Ms. Kim Fong, Chief Trichologist of Svenson Singapore our concerns with hair loss.

Kim Fong Chie Trichologist Svenson Singapore

BM: What type of hair loss is best suited for Plasma Regen?

KF: Androgenetic hair loss affects both men and women; leading to from oily scalp, sensitive, pimples or dandruff condition; most condition of hair thinning including Telogen Effluvium; Involutional thinning (Aging)

BM: Is postnatal hair loss permanent and suited for Plasma Regen?

KF: Usually, hair grow back from postpartum after 12 months; hence it is not permanent. However, if there were other underlying factors eg: Androgenetic  (AGA) influence, hair loss can further deteriorate and becomes permanent. Yes, best to get Postnatal treatments from Plasmas Regen Hair Therapy, though it is not encouraged for women to undergo during pregnancy.

BM: One of the causes of stunted hair growth is the buildup of dirt from unsuitable product usage and dead cells from the bad scalp and hair care habits. Does it cause hair loss too?

KF: Yes, if scalp condition is blocked by excessive build-up over a period of time, this can be detrimental to hair growth as build-up encourages a good ground for bacteria breeding that may cause many scalp issues.

Plasma Regen Hair Therapy

BM: And how does Plasma Regen solves the problem?

KF: With PlasmaPoration™ Therapy, it’s key benefit can significantly reduce bacteria from building upbringing scalp back to a healthier state while at the same time promoting hair growth by triggering cell-renewal. Stable Plasma energy improves blood circulation, effectively reduces Anti-aging process and generating collagen which can extend the lifespan of the hair growth.

BM: Does Plasma Regen treatment complement HairFix?

KF: Plasma Regen Hair Therapy does not impact blood or other skin tissue and is excellent in skin-sterilization to prepare the customer’s scalp for HairFix. It helps to reduce any scalp sensitivity and build-up of dirt, hence allowing the HairFix process to be more comfortable. As HairFix is attached to our natural hair, it will be important to improve hair root strength and hair life-span with Plasma Regen Hair Therapy as it gives all the benefits in cell regeneration, improving blood circulation and strengthening of cell life – all which are key for strong hair growth.


For more information, please visit svensonhair.com.sg

Facebook: Svenson Hair Care

Instagram: @svenson_sg

Svenson Hair Centres are located at:

  • International Building, 360 Orchard Road, #09-06/07, Singapore 238869
  • Parkway Parade, 80 Marine Parade Road, #02-11, Singapore 449269
  • Jurong Point Shopping Centre, 1 Jurong West Central 2, JP1 #B1-59, Singapore 648886

Svenson Customer Hotline: 1800 7777 33

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