kyla smart home automation review

Kyla Smart Home Automation Review – A Smarter Way to Live


You may think Kyla is a girl’s name. However, it is a user-friendly integrated smart home automation system by Aztech Technologies. It is a homegrown company that makes electronic products and home appliances. Aztech Technologies launched Kyla smart home automation system last month. We were the first few in Singapore to have our home automated. It facilitates with the integrated smart home system to have a more convenient and secured home.

Setting Up Kyla at Home

The Kyla Integrated Smart Home System is easy to install at home and is accessible on the Kyla app on all our Apple or Android mobile devices. After picking the gadgets, we installed the whole system on the same day. Kyla app helped us in the configuration of the various automation which is downloadable within a minute.

[Note] infrared remote controls can be used on Kyla. To determine if your remote control is using infrared or radio frequency. Cover the top of the control and press any button to see if the appliance turns on. If it does, then it is likely to be on radio frequency. To activate it, you need to point Infrared controllers at the device they have to control.

Switching Lights Remotely

There are moments when we are in a mad rush to head out and forgot to switch off lights or aircon. Here’s what you can do with Kyla? We were able to switch off the gadgets linked via the app on our mobile devices.

Watch the video to see how a 3-room HDB can be automated.

Aztech Kyla, Integrated Home Automation System

Adding Aztech Singapore Kyla Integrated Home Automation System and checking the empty home via the Kyla app gave us a peace of mind and also helped us to save energy! Watch how we use the Kyla system for our 3-room HDB apartment and see how it can help you too! Visit to get your own Kyla Integrated Home Automation System!

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Kyla Smart Home Automation System enable us to make your home smart at a reasonable cost without breaking the bank. The smart home solution is WIFI based and connects directly to a home WIFI network. We just need Kyla app set up on the mobile device to set up, monitor and control all the gadgets remotely. You can also link smart system to Alexa (Google Home Integration System). Switches, sensors, and security are also available in a comprehensive range of variety.

Kyla Smart Home Automation System is available on

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