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Review: Aldha Facial – BEMA Bio White Brightening Facial Treatment

Aldha Bema Bio White Brightening Facial Treatment

As busy working mothers, our complains about our skin is how dull looking it is because we are so time-starved to do more for our skin! Hence I was really curious to see the results when I was invited for Aldha BEMA Bio White Brightening Facial – what an opportune time to fix the complain and make an effort to get that radiant looking skin!

before Aldha facial

The facial started with a gentle facial cleansing using BEMA White Lightening Cleansing milk to remove makeup and dirt. It prepared my face for the much raved about BEMA Bio White Brightening Facial Treatment. Smoothing BEMA White lightening face scrub was applied using gentle, almost weightless motion for secondary cleansing. The scrub is a blend of finely ground apricot pits and enzymes derived from pineapple and papaya Gluconolactone which acted in depth by stimulating natural cell regeneration, leaving the skin oxygenated and supple.

Aldha facial treatment

The BEMA Bio White Brightening Facial Treatment was followed by a series of hot compress protocol where warm towels were placed on my face to aid deep pore cleansing without any harshness. The gentle heat provided additional relaxation from my therapist’s soothing touch.

Aldha BEMA White Lightening Face cream was applied with an outrageously good lymphatic drainage facial massage that the therapist expertly flushed out every single ounce of toxin from my face, to leave a skin so soft and plump to the touch. That was PURE BLISS!

After Aldha Facial Lightening Face Mask was applied, the therapist wasted no time in performing a soothing neck and shoulder massage that lulled me to sleep in no time. At the end of the session, my face was looking extremely radiant and well-rested. It was also brighter and more even toned – just what I was looking for!

after Aldha facial


BEMA Bio White Brightening Facial Treatment: $168

Address: 61 Emerald Hill, Singapore 229337.

Please call 65382600 for reservations and book. For more information, please visit www.aldha.com

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