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Ice Skating Tips by Disney on Ice

ice skating tips

Disney celebrates 90 years of magic this year so it is no surprise most (if not all) of the Disney characters will be out on full show at Disney on Ice. Be ready to join in a worldwide party celebration of Mickey Mouse as Disney On Ice presents Mickey’s Super Celebration skates.

We spoke to Lauren McCabe, who plays the role of Ariel for some tips about ice skating.

BM: “What are the tips for first timers? How to prepare before you go on the ice?”

LM: “One of the most important things is to make sure the skates fit properly. The skates should be snug around the foot, but not too tight! Beginners should focus on having fun and enjoying the sport. Being in an ice rink, it can inevitably get cold. So it is important to bring hand warmers and lots of layers of warm clothes! (Hats, gloves, scarves, leg warmers, etc…)”

BM: “What to wear and prepare for first timers or frequent skaters?”

LM: “Dependent upon the skaters’ comfort level of the sport, the skater should warm up the muscles off ice to prevent injury on the ice. One of my favorite exercises to do before getting on the ice is jumping rope! First timers should wear a helmet and additional knee and elbow padding. One of the main challenges that a first timer experiences is getting too cold. Wearing snow pants and extra layers of clothing can prevent this. The experience should be as positive as possible!”

BM: “How many times must we skate a week to be as good as you?”

LM: “There are many skaters with Disney on Ice that have different talents and skill levels. The one thing that we have in common is our passion for skating! In order to be like me, you must enjoy what you do every single day. When I skated completely, I was training 4-6 days a week, but my passion to the sport is what ultimately made me successful.”

BM: “What helps for focus on ice skating? And what (environment or ice) should we look out for when we skate?”

LM: “When skating, either during a private or public session there will usually be other people on the ice. It is important to look out for one another while skating. I always encourage a positive and supportive environment for the other skaters. It is important to connect with people who have the same passion as you do.”

BM: “Is falling in ice skating dangerous? How should we prevent the falling or fall without hurting ourselves?”

LM: Falling on the ice is not dangerous once we learn the right way to fall. This is the first thing I teach to all beginners. It is inevitable that a skater will fall. It happens to professionals and the highest level of competitive skaters. But learning the right way to fall is important! When a skater feels unsteady, we protect ourselves by bending at the waist and knees and by putting our hands on top of our knees. This ensures that if we do fall, it will be either to the side or front- because that is the safest way to fall.

Being able to master the skills of skating in one day is impossible; it takes years of practice. However, being able to master skating includes understanding the lessons we learn from the sport. The most important one is finding the joy of being on the ice! Skating is not just about your ability on the ice. It is about understanding the fun of having a passion and being able to express it freely. Skating teaches you many things like not being scared to fail and try again. It is inevitable that you will fall, but learning how to get up and try again afterwards is another step to mastering the skill. The last thing to be able to master the skill of skating is learning to work towards a goal. Whether you are a beginner learning how to glide on one foot, or a seasoned skater doing double jumps, you are always striving to progress. This is an important lesson that will help master the skill of skating.

Disney on Ice Mickey’s Super Celebration is celebrating at Singapore Indoor Stadium

(2 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397691) from 20 – 24 March 2019.

Click HERE to book tickets now!

For more information,please visit DisneyOnIce.comor follow them on Facebook @DisneyOnIceand Instagram @DisneyOnIce

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