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Top 3 Hotspots for Outdoor Family Photo Shoots in Singapore


Eternalise these picture-perfect moments with your little ones at these top 3 picks all families must visit in Singapore.

As young parents with our little ones, we always seize up to every opportunity in capturing the picture-perfect moments on our weekly family day outings. While we don our beautiful smiles for the camera, it may be tricky to get our ever-enthusiastic bubbas to cooperate during photo shoots.

This week on Experts’ Advice, we interviewed Irene Kuok, Founder of Cloud Productions, as she shares the hotspots in Singapore for outdoor family photography – as well as tips to get your children to cooperate and enjoy the photo shoots.

 1. Singapore Botanic Gardens


The big old trees, the man-made waterfall, the frangipani (swing) garden, the white gazebo. You can easily get a wide variety of stunning backdrops with outdoor greenery within short distances. Even better, it’s walkable! Just bring water, umbrellas, and a fan or two to help keep everyone hydrated and cool.

2. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is a long stretch of greenery with beautiful walkways and river-crossing rocks to get good shots of the family playing together in the shallow water. There are also several playgrounds (great for children), tranquil pathways, and dog parks (perfect for photo shoots with pets).

3. Gardens by the Bay


Be it on the ground or high up on the Supertrees, these manmade tree structures are out of the world. Gardens by the Bay blends beautiful tropical plants and futuristic modernity with unabashed, oversized aplomb. There’s no lack of mesmerising backdrops to make your outdoor photography look amazing.

Irene’s passion for her company is heartfelt. Growing up, she did not have many opportunities to take photos with her family. Perhaps that is why she saw the value of family photography and how important these special moments are.

BM: How do you ensure you capture the best smiles during photo shoots?

Irene: I disagree with forcing kids to smile when they don’t want to. I like to capture their real self, be it if they want to make a fuss or cry out loud. Normally, I will prompt some relatable questions for the children to engage them and we will end up laughing together when speaking about something they enjoy. I feel that I am pretty child-like and hence there is this chemistry being built with children and I can identify with them.

BM: You conduct photography classes to inspire more people who are as passionate about photography as yourself. What is one tip you can give parents during child photo-taking?

Irene: Bring your kids’ favourite toy! I love that moment when we get heart-warming shots where we capture the reaction and expression of children hugging a stuffed animal. Items your child is most comfortable will trigger some of the best moments to be captured.

Cloud Productions is a homegrown photography company that seeks to harmonise families and make memories with loved ones last. With an impressive repertoire of having shot over 5,000 people, Cloud Productions is a firm family favourite.

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