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KAI SUITES: Caring for Mother and Baby through Holistic Services in a Luxury Hotel

KAI SUITES Premium Suite

The arrival of a newborn is one of the greatest miracles of life, as it unveils a whole new world of joy and discovery. Just as every pregnancy is different, each baby is unique in personality and needs. For the mother, the time from delivery to the first crucial weeks is filled not only with the need to recover and regain physical and mental strength but with the need to connect with the baby and adapt to a new way of life. Nothing quite prepares a woman for motherhood — a profoundly beautiful, yet formidably life-changing experience.

With that in mind, KAI SUITES unveils the first confinement luxury hotel in Singapore, a one-stop facility offering holistic, specialised pre-and postpartum care services through a team of experts in order to rest, heal, rejuvenate, support and instil confidence in mothers. Most of all, in this period of recovery, KAI SUITES believes in educating, encouraging, motivating and empowering mothers for their motherhood journey.

In Japanese, ‘KAI’ symbolises the restoration and recovery that mothers need most after giving birth. In Chinese, “凯” represents triumph, as child birthing is one of the most victorious moments in a lifetime.

KAI embraces ‘omotenashi’, the Japanese concept of genuine, wholehearted hospitality; paying attention to the smallest of details and anticipating every need of the guest to deliver an unforgettable experience.


KAI SUITES’ services encompass the full spectrum of maternity care ranging from prenatal and postnatal education to mother and baby care after birth, postnatal nourishment and nutrition, and body rejuvenation – delivered through science, expertise, experience and heart by experts in their individual disciplines. Combining Asian cultural practices and traditions with modern science, KAI SUITE’s balance of East and West invigorates the body, mind and soul. Meanwhile, its guest-oriented, personalised approach tailors arrangements to the needs and preferences of each mother and baby. Singapore motherhood will never be quite the same with these features, amenities and services.

KAI SUITES supports you in your motherhood journey

KAI SUITES Deluxe Suite
KAI SUITES Deluxe Suite

KAI SUITES provides a full support system exclusive to mothers and their new-borns in a luxury hotel environment. A private and inviting haven, centrally located within close proximity to leading hospitals, hotels and shopping malls, it sets the standard for the rest of the region. Designed with a contemporary, Japanese-inspired aesthetic, KAI SUITES features 18 elegant private suites, and a bevy of facilities including a Private Mothers’ Lounge, a nursery with camera surveillance of individual cots via a mobile app, a spa, an aesthetics clinic, a salon as well as a lobby lounge.

The suites in this luxury hotel in Singapore are furnished with thoughtful amenities such as a plush bed fitted with 600- thread count Egyptian cotton linens, individual temperature control, full-sized refrigerator, and a bathroom featuring a shower with Japanese-style wooden bucket for mothers who opt for the complimentary daily warm herbal bath.

For KAI SUITES Full Experience, mothers will receive 24-hour expert care from experienced nurses and receive invaluable advice from qualified professionals in pre-and postnatal care – essentially every support necessary for the mother’s complete physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Should she prefer to continue her recuperation in the comfort of her own home, she can opt for the KAI SUITES Combo Experience, where after a minimum 14- day stay at KAI SUITES, a visiting nurse will be there to care for mother and baby.

Proper nourishment is essential to postpartum care

a meal from KAI CUISINE prepared for postpartum care

Pivotal to revitalising the body is nourishment and nutrition. KAI SUITE’s signature KAI CUISINE restores the body and fortifies the spirit, and is an experience in itself. A first-of-its-kind, KAI CUISINE is a confinement food programme that combines Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and postpartum dietary science with gastronomy, to deliver full recovery.

The recipes, sourced from around the world, focus on ‘heirlooms’ handed down through the generations. This trove of treasured wisdom passes through the hands of dietary specialists who ensure it meets the highest standards of modern maternity science. The creative in-house team of chefs takes over, refining and elevating these recipes using both Asian and Western cooking techniques, to present plates of culinary delight and nutritional excellence.

Following TCM principles of 一休二排三调四健养 (the process of healing, detoxification, restoration and nourishment), menus are planned according to the mother’s childbirth method, the different phases and rate of postpartum recovery, and the required amount of nutrition, as well as cultural background and preferences that give a sense of familiarity to these comfort dishes.

By using only the finest natural produce sourced locally as much as possible – including from farms in Singapore – as well as seasonal produce at its peak, KAI SUITE’s chefs craft elegant and restorative gastronomic meals that are served in-room or at KAI Lounge located at the lobby.

No added MSG or artificial additives are used in line with the belief that KAI CUISINE should be as pure, artisanal and wholesome as possible. The best, natural herbs are used; and many stocks, sauces, seasonings, and condiments are made in small batches from scratch in the KAI kitchen. In addition, stringent efforts are made to avoid the use of aluminium foil and cookware, as well as plastic containers and similar items that may pose harmful health effects.

KAI SUITES also practises a no-waste philosophy by using ingredients to their fullest potential and drawing goodness from every component. The dishes of KAI CUISINE are supremely high in nutritional value, light and gentle on the palate, yet full of exquisite flavour. These dishes can also be enjoyed outside the confines of the luxury hotel, as they can be presented right at the doorstep of mothers who wish to recuperate at home. With KAI CUISINE’s home-delivery packages, the meal arrives warm in biodegradable packaging within one hour of preparation.

More than a luxury hotel in Singapore: KAI SPA and KAI AESTHETICS

KAI SPA in a luxury hotel in Singapore

Launching in January 2021, KAI SPA and KAI AESTHETICS offer professionally administered massage and aesthetic treatments curated to suit individual needs so that mothers can rebalance and restore their bodies, and gain strength and confidence. These therapies bring immense benefits to mothers by addressing all conditions that arise pre-and postpartum, from increasing blood circulation to reducing water retention, boosting lactation, recovery of the pre-pregnancy figure to anti-ageing.

At KAI SPA, traditional massage is employed to enhance the natural healing process, promoting speedier recovery and rejuvenation as it pampers and relaxes. Guests can enjoy prenatal massages; as well as postnatal Jamu massages and Bengkung wraps, a fading age-old manual binding technique that delivers more effective results as it is customisable to individual body shapes and covers a larger area from hip to rib cage. There are also breast lactation and head & shoulder massages, as well as facial treatments – which are all available in the comfort and privacy of the suite or home, if the guest prefers.

The KAI AESTHETICS clinic is one of the few in Singapore to feature a collective of state-of-the-art equipment providing treatment of a comprehensive spectrum of postpartum issues. This includes face and skin rejuvenation, hair loss treatment, body contouring, scar and pigmentation reduction, pelvic floor muscle strengthening and vaginal tightening.

clinic with equipments for postpartum care in a luxury hotel in Singapore

KAI SUITES has curated a range of expert-led activities to prepare mothers for the baby’s arrival. These include prenatal classes to gain knowledge on infant care techniques including handling of the baby and feeding and setting up home as a safe and baby-friendly environment. Also, during pregnancy, a mother will experience changes in physique, emotions and hormones. Prenatal massages are offered to improve emotional and physical wellbeing, by alleviating muscle pain, water retention and boosting sleep quality.

Expectant mothers can also benefit from prenatal yoga led by qualified instructors at KAI SUITES, which help to improve posture, strength and stamina, as well as reduce muscle aches, swelling and bloating.

KAI SUITES & Singapore Motherhood

As a full-range, authoritative and holistic provider of pre-and postpartum care within a luxury-hotel model, KAI SUITES is pioneering, unique and game-changing. A beacon of comfort and support for new mothers by way of science, expertise, experience, and heart, KAI SUITES makes its truest mark on perhaps the most important journey in a woman’s life.

To know more about KAI SUITES and how they can support you in your motherhood journey, you can send them an email at info@kaisuites.com.sg, visit their official website, or find them on Instagram @kaisuites.sg.

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