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Earth Alive Exhibition: Larger Than Life Lessons About Our Planet at the Science Centre Singapore

poster of Earth ALive Exhibition by Science Centre Singapore

The 2020 school holidays are here, and everyone can now look forward to spending this joyous time with loved ones through various family activities.

At the Science Centre Singapore, the year-end holidays are perfect opportunities for bonding and learning. With the launch of Earth Alive exhibition, our planet is featured in life-size interactive displays for larger than life lessons about this world we live in.

Get ready to discover the Earth’s wonders from the inside out as you go through the spheres that reflect its sciences and systems — the Geosphere, the Hydrosphere, and the Atmosphere. Aside from this, the exhibition will show how the changes in the Earth can manifest in the environment, causing phenomena such as earthquakes, tsunamis, mountain-building and rock strata, and volcanic eruptions. Some of these changes can even devastate at-risk communities overnight, while others modify our environment over millions of years!

Meanwhile, the aptly titled Human Sphere will show the impact that human beings have on our planet, such as with climate change.

And with all the factors (both natural and manmade) that have affected how our planet evolved, you will see that there are some regions where these changes can be seen and felt very clearly. In Singapore, we are relatively sheltered from geohazards so it can be easy to take for granted the inner workings of our planet.

It’s a good thing, then that Earth Alive exhibition (which is perfect for all ages) presents these natural phenomena in the context of Southeast Asia. As we become deeply engaged in the global stage, it is imperative that we, as human beings and as Singaporeans, learn more about our responsibilities to our planet.

“We hope that visitors walk away from this experience knowing that our planet is not just dynamic but that our choices can also tip the natural balance. The best outcome would be that we can all become more observant and develop a love for geosciences too, ” said Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng, Chief Executive of the Science Centre Board.

Prof. Benjamin Horton, Director of the Earth Observatory of Singapore, said that “The Earth Alive exhibition is a unique collaboration. We have world-class scientists from Earth Observatory of Singapore, working with Science Centre Singapore to take the message out to Singaporeans. Guests will be able to think about not only Singapore or Southeast Asia, but the whole planet and how it is responding to global warming.”

Curated in partnership with the Earth Observatory of Singapore, a Research Centre of Excellence at the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, the exhibition features a series of interactive installations, such as  GAIA, a 5-metre inflatable globe by British artist and sculptor, Luke Jerram. The installation will reflect the high-definition imagery of the Earth’s surface from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

More family activities at the Science Centre Singapore

poster of Science Centre Singapore showing the list of their family activities in Singapore
Sci-Sational Christmas at the Science Centre Singapore

This December, keep the young ones entertained with so many fun things to do in Singapore for kids. Aside from the Earth Alive Exhibition, there are many other fun-filled year-end activities being held at Science Centre Singapore, which form part of the Sci-sational Christmas experience. If you are looking for things to do in Singapore with family, these series of scientifically-curated Christmas activities and workshops are both educational and engaging to thrill the young and the young at heart.

So while we are still celebrating the 2020 school holidays, don’t miss these family activities in Singapore. Go ahead and gather your loved ones along, be inspired by the wonders of the planet that we live in, and make this a season to remember!

Visit the promotion page here for ticket prices and redeem your SingapoRedisover Vouchers to Science Centre Singapore on Klook.

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