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Last week, Domestic Goddess and I went to relaunch party at Hummerstons. I would never have guessed we could have so much fun because it’s a website launch (the perception: boring) but after a few glasses of wine, we found ourselves taking funny pictures.

These Mini Burgers are so delicious
These lil Choco cones are yummy, I could snack on them all night.

is an online shop which offers premium lifestyle & gadgets items (some of the products were carefully handpicked because of its design and unique qaulities). The interesting part about this webstore is also the shopping experience, it allows you to:

  1. go to Auction (all you need to do is register, purchase token and you can start bidding);
  2. Shop;
  3. Go to Sale
Some of the products include: Prada pouches, iphone 5 and Panasonic Lumix camera has been around for some time and revamped their website to enhance shopping experience. Updates on new product launches can be found in their facebook, Twitter and their Blog.

Now enjoy the new shopping experience and be sure to share with me 😉

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