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Fast & Furious in Singapore Day 1


Thanks to Hilton Honours, a limo was sent to pick us up.  Instead of just arriving in style, we arrived fashionably late (not because I was powdering my nose but because Gabriel is at his usual best).

The Checkered Flag Shawl on Teddy

The little details… the small teddy and the water apple were my fav!

I couldn’t contain my excitement as we unpacked, I could hear the cars practicing in the Marina Bay Circuit and I was so looking forward to the Jay Chou concert (the other highlights of the race).

The Flyer on our way to the Paddock’s

On the way to the Paddock’s, we recollected all the good memories we had from the previous races & the concerts to Anthea (my new friend).  We split up at the overpass to go to McLaren Suite.

An art installation on the way to the Paddock’s

Paddock’s Club
Just us this year
Duck thigh with Pear sauce

The scallop tarts was yummy 🙂

This is the second time I am watching the Formula One from the McLaren Suite, I was there with Mr Lam the second year (2009).  We were inseparable and were madly in love in then.  It brought back many bittersweet memories of our time together as a couple (some people mistaken us for sibling as we look like each other).

The suite when its empty

Gabriel observing the Ferrari driver pitting
Watching the Ferrari Team from the McLaren suite

The view at the pit from where we were
Jensen Button waiting at the pit to drive into the track
Lewis Hamilton came to the suite after the practice (to a line of guests waiting to get his autograph)

Analysing the track with everyone

After the practice, Gabriel and I walked back to the hotel to freshen up for Jay Chou concert.  We decided not to walk to the Padang after Anthea called to tell us, Jay Chou was smaller than an ant from where she is and the walk there is not worth his lame singing (some say he was too eager to finish singing so that he can go to MBS to try his hand at the tables)

Nagae, Gabriel, Anthea and I chilled out in the room

In the end, we stayed in the room to chill out and I rested my tired feet in view of the intense walking for the next 2 days.

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