Experience the Thrills of F1 Weekend

FROM PIT-STOP BUFFETS AND GPSS GOURMET BITES TO F1 DRIVERS FASHION SHOW : WHERE TO EXPERIENCE THE THRILLS OF FORMULA 1 RACE WEEKEND It’s that time of year again; fast cars driven by handsome guys, amazing line-up of music performances, chances to rub shoulders with A-list celebrities and not forgetting the champagne popping celebrations! Yup, […]

The Singapore Curse caused the skid marks on the Tarmac

Every year, we are usually late or we’ll just be just on the dot before the race starts. This year, we made our way to the Paddocks earlier as Gabriel wanted to do the garage tour because he missed it on the qualifying day. Every year during the Formula One, there will be accidents at […]

Fast & Furious in Singapore Day 2

Nagae and I bumped into Jenson Button at the hotel lobby when we came back after lunch. The heat was punishing so we decided to hang out by the pool and while we were swimming under the water, we could hear the cars getting ready for the qualifying. We had to get ready really early […]

Fast & Furious in Singapore Day 1

Thanks to Hilton Honours, a limo was sent to pick us up.  Instead of just arriving in style, we arrived fashionably late (not because I was powdering my nose but because Gabriel is at his usual best). I couldn’t contain my excitement as we unpacked, I could hear the cars practicing in the Marina Bay […]