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The Singapore Curse caused the skid marks on the Tarmac

Walking to Paddocks with LucasVintage Mercedes racing

Every year, we are usually late or we’ll just be just on the dot before the race starts. This year, we made our way to the Paddocks earlier as Gabriel wanted to do the garage tour because he missed it on the qualifying day.

I can’t help myself to the simulator

Suzie & GabI washed the Alsakan Crab down with Vodka… Yumms!Pit Walk with Gab & GermaineGab with Eileen & SharmaineThat’s Jenson Button‘s car behind GabJust us again

Every year during the Formula One, there will be accidents at the Singapore Marina Bay Street Circuit and it has been labelled the Singapore Curse.  This year was no exception, Lewis Hamilton dropped from pole position to no position. As a fan of the McLaren team, I m disappointed but I was also glad … that means Jenson Button has a chance to emerge top 3.

Race startsMad RushThe Mad Rush through the Bottle NeckLotus TeamJenson Button pitting

I am sure many of the Formula One drivers dreaded the Monaco and even more so for the Singapore Circuit:

  1. because it is a street circuit
  2. the track is not designed for Formula One cars (just like Monaco)
  3. accident prone
  4. hot humid unforgiving weather
  5. night circuit

Despite the fact that the track was so unforgiving most of the drivers completed the race without much trouble.  Vettel won the race again this year while Jenson Button came second (Yay!).

Fireworks when Vettel touched the finishing lineAutographed picture of Lewis Hamilton & Jenson Button I told Gab I want it since he’s not a fan of Lewis Hamilton… but …

Nagae met up with us for Kathy Perry but the race ended so late (because of the accidents) that we were unable to reach the Padang field in time for her concert so we had to watch Bananarma instead 🙁

Bananarama was good.. but I love Kathy Perry

By the time we got to the village, we only heard 2 songs from Bananarama  when the concert ended.  We thought the night was still young so Nagae and I went to the Singapore Flyer just to while away the time (heartland lomance style).

Nagae’s first time on the flyerMy second time on the flyerI was so afraid of heights that i stayed glued to the bench in the cabinGarden’s by the bay

After the Flyer, we went back to Conrad to chill and hang out with Gabriel and Anthea.  Hopefully, we can do the next Singapore Circuit in the same style 😉

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Comments 2

  1. Gabriel says:

    Err…. May not fancy Lewis as much, but am a staunch Jenson supporter!

    The Monaco circuit with its quirks is nothing like Singapore’s. With the requirement to use hard and soft tires, unforeseeable weather conditions and being a city night track, many strategies have to thought up fast and furious. Notice that it has always been the Marina GP circuit has been the turning point for all the last few races for the entire GP season… 🙂


    • says:

      Yes! That’s right! It has always been this case and it has become some of the drivers’ nemesis!

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